How Long Did It Last??

Well folks here it is the anser to last weeks survey kweshun How Long Will Dubbys Sandwich Board Last??

Lets jest see how the day went.

Here is Dubby during the prep time. OK Dubby lookin good!


Then sum stuff happened… Lessee… Heres Daddy throwing balls at sum guy waring a Michael Vick jersey!

He getted four of six trys!

He getted four of six trys!

Mummy Daddy and Auntie K all helped out. Also a guy named John Garcia wuz there frum a dawg reskue place in a land called YouTah and Mummy sed he wuz sooper nice.

IMG_0525 copy

OK this is beside the point wich is wut happened to that sanwich bord?? Ware is Dubby?


Dubby!! You is jest rolling in the durt with that other dawg! Ware is yer sanwich bord?

Well it turns out the sanwich bord wuz still a-ok but Dubby did not want to ware it!

SO if yer anser to the poll wuz “For the whole event” then you iz rite! The bord is still in wun peece and it looks jest fine.

BUT if yer anser to the poll wuz “A couple hours at best” then you iz also rite! Cause Dubby only weared it fer a couple hours before he did not want to ware it ennymore.

And now is my favrite part wich is that we git to laff reely hard at Dubby!! Mummy maked him ware a purpull munkey costoom fer the parade that wuz on Sunday.



Oh my gosh I cant beleeve Dubby letted Mummy put that thang on him!!


Oh okay well I gess mebbe I would ware that costoom too if Mummy cuddled me like that afterwards. Stoopid lucky Dubby.


16 Responses

  1. We thinks Dubby is givin you the ‘neener neener’ look in that last picture Dozer.

    Bobo and Meja

  2. Wow! My mom didn’t think the sanwich board would last all that long.

    I can’t figure out how Dubby turned into a Purple Monkey! Dozer your mom is Magic!

    Your Friend Quizz

  3. Hahaha! My Mom made my brother Indie wear that Monkey costume last year and it was hilarious!
    Hugs and Tail Wags,

  4. Love the purple monkey costume!!

  5. Dubby what a good pup you are!

  6. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow dubby shoor is gitting big!!! and dressd up like a purpel munky he luks like the faymus televizhun persunality magilla gorilla!!! a littel bit ennyway!!! ok bye

  7. Hey, Dozer-

    It shore wuz clever of yer Mummy to positishun Dubby by the white dawg wut haz matching spotz on his bak end, so peeple kin see wut Dubby mite luk like wen he is all growed up!

    Yer pal,

  8. What a fun day to be had!! Glad the weather was nice for you as well. Dozer, I think you need to get out to those events more and you can get more cuddles. But I know your house is more cozy and comfortable…hopefully you got some cuddles when she got home and I bet the little buy slept hard and didn’t bother you!


  9. What a great event! Dubby looks like he might have had a lot of fun!! Your momma sure looks happy too!

  10. Oh my Cod! The purple monkey suit is sooooo cute on Dubby!

  11. Wow it looks like you all had a good day! Hopefully someone really liked Dubby and he will get to go to a new home soon… he sure did look cute in that monkey costume!!!

    ❤ S and D

  12. I can’t believe he wore that purple monkey costume either. What a total doofus. Momma says the costume is GREAT! Huh, hope she doesn’t order one for me.


  13. Oh my gosh – Dubby in that purple monkey costume…PRICELESS!!! 😀

    Honey the Great Dane

  14. Sorry we missed you all!!! Looks like a good time was had by all…except maybe Dubby wearing the costume on Sunday!!

    Dory and the Mama

  15. Dubby is so lucky to have a foster mummy to take such good care of him and make him super cute, dont be jealous Dozer. I however, am super jealous about the whole john garcia being there and me not 😦

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