Wut is RONG with Mummy?!?

WELL despite my recent rousing speech aginst enny more foster dawgs look at this.

Ummm... hello...

OMG wut is this?!? Here I thinked thangs were gonna be grate with Mummy home and she wuld be lovin me and huggin me and kissin me and telling me I am a Very Good Dawg all the times!! Insted she is worryin bout this stoopid dawg all the times.

And no this dawg is not Rosie bak agin. This is a new dawg wut looks kinda like Rosie. Her name is Nancy.

Now you may notiss that Nancy unlike all the uther foster dawgs is not a mangey gross thang.

But do not be deceeved. This dawg has a diseese that is much much worse. Jest look!! I have drawed on this pitcher to show you!

Yes folks that is rite this dawg has sum very big parasites!! Enny day now those parasites will burst forth frum her tummy and they will turn into even MORE foster dawgs! AIEEEEE!! It is my wurst nitemare!!!

Im keepin my eye on you Nancy.

Ennyways I will be bak soon with a reel post that is about ME and not stoopid foster dawgs! Look forwurd to it okay!!

11 Responses

  1. That is scary! Just like that Alien movie! I hope you are going to be OK and not get parasites from that doggie.


  2. That is a good point Mango!! Forchunitely me and Star is nootered wich I heer is a vaksinashun aginst this kind of parasite. But I am shore we will have to deel with Nancys parasites crawling all over us. Icky!
    Yer pal Dozer

  3. OMG Dozer….you is gonna be an unkle!

  4. Dozer! you should be very nice to this momma dawg. I am sure she is scared and lonely and needs friends. maybe you could be a uncle to all the baby dawgs when they arrive, and show them the ropes! Do you know what kinds of dawgs that they will be when they are born?

  5. Dozer, be very careful!! I hear those parasites have the power to MELT YOUR HEART!! That’s right! They can melt your heart into a giant puddle of goo!!!

    I’ve seen it happen before!!

    You have been warned….

  6. Dozer my pal,

    You be careful with those little parasites when they get there. I know from experience they use their super power called cuteness to steal your blanky, toys and treats. Keep an eye on them.

    All mine have turned into family members, my nieces like them.

    Good luck!
    Your pal Quizz

  7. Oh my God, Dozer – this is taking Foster Dog Horror to new levels!!! Be careful – I have heard that those kinds of parasites have a special power to look extra cute so that humans melt like butter and then they remain in your home forever!! 🙂

    Honey the Great Dane

  8. Dozer I am sure you will have lots of fun with the pups

  9. Oh noes, Dozer! I got that vaksination that protekts me from growing parasites, but is there a vaksination that protekts you from sumbuddy else’s parasites? I agree with the other commenters — those parasites do some weerd stuff to hoomans!

  10. Dozer! Or should I say Uncle Dozer? I think you must be prepared of what’s next. You will hear the words “oooh” and “aaaah” from your human so many times that you will think that it is put on repeat. And then, she will start forgetting about the Dozertime and just sit with that parasite-things. And then – let’s hope it never comes to this – (sound of a record that stops) she will forget to give you your dinner! This is not at joke! So be prepared! And after a few weeks, those parasite-things will start chew on your ears, leaving marks, trying to make you look ugly so that they will look even cuter. I have seen it happen and it is NOT pretty!

    I wish you luck.

    You’ll need it.

    P.S. My momma says that the momma dog looks soooo cute, and a bit scared too. She hopes that everything goes well and that both the momma dog and the puppys are healthy and stays that way.

  11. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay aaaiiiieeeee it is just like the faymus dokyoomentry aliens!!! call in the colonial mareenz!!! but dont trust burke he is not as nice as he appeerz!!! ok bye

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