Farewell, Dubby!

Well folks Dubby did not come home today. Mummy sez he getted adopted!

Fer sum reeson she is very sad.

I am bizzy judjing Daisys costoom contest and I dont have time to be sad. Not that I would be sad ennyways haha! I am reely happy cause it is so kwiet around here AT LAST!!

So here it is yer very last pitcher ever of Dubby. So long Dubby! Mebbe I didnt reely like you but I shore hope you have a nice life with a nice familee!!


Mummy, Dubby, and Auntie K


17 Responses

  1. Awww Dubby! Yay for finding da forevur fambily!! I is shore gonna missed you!
    Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

  2. As happy as I am for Dubster I am also sad I won’t get to see anymore pictures of the cutie!

  3. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay this is gud for dubby but verry sad for us we wil miss the kyoot littel fello and — ohhhhh sorry i forgot yoo didnt like him ummmm wot i ment to say wuz gud riddanse bye bye dubby!!!!!!

    *sniff* i wil miss that littel kyootie

  4. Oh we are very sad too. Secretly in our heart of hearts we hopded that Dubby would stay with you forevers. Maybe Dubby’s new mommy and daddy will help him write a bloggy?

  5. I am glad Dubby found a furever home that is not with you because you deserve all your mom’s attentions for sure.

    Were you as scared as I was by the entrants in the Halloween costume competition?


  6. While I’m so excited that Dubby get to go to his forever home, I’ll sure miss seeing his adventures. He sure was full of personality.

    Congratulations and fond farewells Dubby!
    Leila, Quizz & Charlie, the Cat

    Wow Dozer! You have your space back. I’ll bet you’ll miss Dubby.


  7. Congratulations dubby!! We’ll miss your cute face. Hope your forever home is just as good as your foster home!!

  8. Best of luck to Dubby!

  9. Congrdsulashions Dubby! I hope that I can find a reel good home soon too!

  10. Oh Dozer you know deep down you are a softie! We are going to miss Dubby when he says Hewwo! all the time. And when he gets to be KHYUTE! Mom cried when she heard Dubby got adopted, she know its good that he gets a furever home, but she knows the best home in the world is with your mummy and dadda.

  11. Congratulations Dubby! – we will miss you and hope we get to hear updates and maybe see more pictures…good job Dozer’s Mum!

    Sadie Mae

  12. I am so excited and happy for Dubby, but I am sad that I will not get to read about him any more. Maybe he can get his own bloggie!

    Have a happy life, Dubby!

  13. 😦 I hope he is happy where he’s going!!

  14. So awesome that you guys helped him get a new home.

  15. Oh, that’s wonderful news! We’re so happy for Dubby – although we can understand why your human is sad — he was the most adorable doggie! 🙂

  16. Ho Dozer – I decided to comment today in honor or Dubby :):) I have been reading your blog for awhile now and you crack me up, buddy! Tell you Mom she did a great thing taking good care of Dubby – I know you will be so happy to have your quiet house back – but you’ll miss Dubby a little bit…..right?
    That;s what I thought…..

    From Diane, dave and Indiana “Bones” Taylor (the world’s bestest chocolate lab)
    Baltimore MD

  17. Hey, Dozer-

    Daddy wuz hoping fer a dawg wif a Teksus akcent, but he apparuntly did not ware Mummy down in tyme.

    We hope that Dubby luvs hiz furever home.

    Yer pal,

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