Happy Birfday to ME!

Well hi everybuddy gess wut this munth is?? It is my birfday!

Oooh! A speshull birfday hat fer me!

I am now TIN yeers old. TIN is a very very Big Number wich is perfekt cause I am a very very Big Dawg!

Fer my birfday Mummy mades me a very speshull birfday cake. She sed Dozer I wanted to makes you a reel cake but you cannot eat those kinds of foodies cause of yer alerjees.

So my speshull cake is mades of carits punkin and green beens!

Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme

Nom nom nom!!

Star getted sum too even tho it wuz not her birfday.

Gross, what are these green things in here?

Nobuddy noes wen her birfday is or even how menny yeers she is. But Mummy sez we will give her a speshull cake on the day called Gotcha Day wich fer Star is in the cold winter times.

Get this off of me. Please. Now.


Reel Eggs

Well today I lerned sumthang noo and so did Mummy.

I lerned that sumtimes an egg is not reely an egg. And Mummy lerned that I will eat ennythang wut looks like an egg.

Here I wuz jest enjoying a nice fine day outsides wile Mummy cleened the chikkin howse and Star did wutever dum thang Star does.

Ah wut a loverly day.

And then JAKPOT! I finded sum yummy yummy chikkin eggs on the grownd!!

Mummy sez Wut iz you doing over thar Dozer? in 3... 2... 1...

Natcherally its finders keepers round these parts so I finded and I keeped these delishuss eggs!

That is until Mummy sed hay wate a sekund ware are those fake eggs frum the chikkin howse?!?

She did not beleeve me wen I sed oh hay Mummy I jest finded them like this.

Mebbe there are sum bigger holes on the uther side. Mebbe not. I aint sayin.

I meen everybuddy noes baby chikkins come out of the eggs throo them little holes. Dont aks me ware them baby chikkins is. That is a mistery of life!

Now being a dawg I cannot reed but I did aks them chikkins wut is writed on the eggs.

WELL!!! If they sez REEL EGG on them wut wuz I sposed to think they wuz?!?

I am purty shore I have a very good lawsoot here cause that is called Falls Advertizing!!!

Dozer, you dummy, they didn't even smell like real eggs.

Hoppy Easter!

Well hi everybuddy I jest wanted to wish yall a hoppy Easter!

We is having nice weather here and this is wut I have bin up to. It is not very eksiting at all!

You kin hear burds skweeking in the bakgrownd of this moovee. Those burds is called grackles and they is very very noisy!! And here in Teksus they is everyware!

I hopes you is all having sum nice wether but if you is not hay move to Teksus!

But only fer this munth. You will not like it nekst munth. It will be hot and awful!

Hoppy Easter frum yer pals Dozer and Star and all them chikkens!!

Paw It Forward

Well a wile ago my pal Quizz had a Paw It Forward game. The roolz of this are very eazy.

  1. Get a present frum sumone fer Paw It Forward.
  2. Post about it on yer blog.
  3. The furst three peeple or dawgs or wutever who reply to yer Paw It Forward blog post will git a present frum you. It kin be ennythang and doesnt have to be fancy.
  4. Those three peeple or dawgs have to start at number wun.

Now Quizz made a donashun to halp aminals insted of sending me a present and I think that is reel nice. So I am gonna do the same thang!

The furst three peeples or dawgs or wutever who reply to this post will git to choose a place to where Mummy will send munny wurth about $100 each.

There is only two condishuns wich is that yer place must be a place wut is called a Nonprofit, and also that place cannot hate pit bull dawgs like me. But it does not have to be aminal nonprofit it kin be enny kind!

You mite be saying wow $100 times 3 is a billyun gazillyun munnys! Dozer I wuz thinked that yer Mummy wuz broke cause of you and yer vet bills!

Well yes it is troo Mummy is very very broke and I am seeing less treets these days. However she makes a little bit of munny frum her Store and she saves the munny in a speshul place and duz not spend it on ennythang eksept to run her website.

She has a little bit of munny left overs this yeer after paying all her website bills and she sed I should use it fer sumthang good. I tolled her hey Mummy treets are good!! But I dont think she wuz lisening.

2009 11 14 009

Its ok Mummy I still luv you. Here let me halp you fold these blankies.

You may have notissed Mummy is not reely halping me with my blog too much. That is cause she iz started a new job that meens she goes away all day. This is not new fer me cause Mummy used to werk all the times it is only in the last I dunno yeer plus a half that she has bin at home and you will notiss that my blog has only bin going fer a yeer plus a few munths and that is cause she wuz not werking all day.

Now she is away all day and then wen she comes home she does not pay atenshun to me kin you beleeve it?? No she does thangs like werk sum more or sleep or eat peeple foodies or she leeves the howse agin to go sumwhere called a meeting. And of corse as you all knows Daddy is never home cause he werks all day and sumtimes all nite too.

So does you know wut that meens? I am stuck at home alone all day long with my only companyun wich is my EVEL ROOMATE STAR!! NOOOOOOES!!!!

Whatever. You know you love me.

Whatever. You know you love me.

My Toofy Breaked!

Well jest wen thangs were alreddy going bad wut with my alerjees and my leg owies thangs jest got even wurst! My toofy breaked in two!

I cried and cried all day and Mummy sed Dozer wut on erth is the matter with you?? Is yer leggy hurting or wut? FINALLY she looked in my mouthies and sed oh Dozer yer toofy iz breaked reely bad!!

So I had to go to the v-e-t and I spended the hole day there and they mades me sleepy and then wen I waked up Mummy wuz takin me home and I could not feels my mouthy at all.

Laters after I waked up more Mummy gived me a speshull treet. It wuz yogurt!! Yum yum.


My face wuz still a little bits bluddy.

The bestest part of losing my toofy is that I gets speshull foodys all the times. I get yogurt and wet foodys frum a can and punkin and pees and delishuss stuffs like that!

But fer sum reeson every time I eat afterwards I feel kinda sleepy and then I jest falls asleep. I thinks Mummy is sneeking medisin into my foody.

Look in my mouthy and you kin see I have stitches in my mouthy!!


It wuz my big toofy in the back.

Mummy sez congradulashuns Dozer!! Wut with all the v-e-t visits over the last few yeers I am now wurth as much as a new car! Prolly not a fancy new car but mebbe sumthang like a Kia.

Happy Howl-o-ween!

Well Happy Howloween everybuddy!


Aaawooooooo!! Kinda.

I hopes yer Howloween is fun and safe and you git lots of treets and no tricks!!

Farewell, Dubby!

Well folks Dubby did not come home today. Mummy sez he getted adopted!

Fer sum reeson she is very sad.

I am bizzy judjing Daisys costoom contest and I dont have time to be sad. Not that I would be sad ennyways haha! I am reely happy cause it is so kwiet around here AT LAST!!

So here it is yer very last pitcher ever of Dubby. So long Dubby! Mebbe I didnt reely like you but I shore hope you have a nice life with a nice familee!!


Mummy, Dubby, and Auntie K