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Fow me?

Hewwo. Dis is Dubby!


My new fwend Buddy gave me an awawd! I am vewy happy!

happy-harvest-daisy-dogThis awawd is to make me feel good. And it does! I would like to dank Buddy fow dis awawd. Now if you–


IMG_0394Well wut is goin on here?? Dubby this blog is called Dozer Sez not Dubby sez!! And you is gettin too much face time on MY blog. No sir this WILL NOT STAND!!

Besides this award is obveeusly ment fer me. It has my loverly gurlfrend Daisy on it! Dubby you cannot be her gurlfrend cause number wun you are jest a baby dawg and you does not know the meening of troo luv and number two unlike me you does not look jest like Daisy wich meens you is uncompatibull!

So step off my gurlfrend okay??


Wow… otay… I am not too sure what Dozew’s pwoblem is but I guess I should go befowe I get in mowe twubble!

Befowe I go I would wike to pass this awawd to these fwends: Leila and Quizz, Pwincess, and the Bully Bwats!

Dubby ovew and OUT!!



7 Responses

  1. Uh oh. The Mango is too new to your bloggy to figure out who is who. I will have to pay more attention. Clearly we are dealing with some very unique personalities.


  2. Dozer,
    I feel your pain. Mom is starting to make me share MY blog with my little sister Lola. I think it is highly unfair.
    Hugs and Tail Wags,

  3. You tell him Dozer! No doglets taking over!

  4. hello dubby its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow yore first award!!! congratchoolayshuns!!! ummmm i meen oh no no no this cannot stand this is dozers blog sorry dozer i got kerreed away their for a minnit ok bye

  5. Wow Dubby, thanks so much for sharing an award with me. I love it! You share much more readily than Dozer does, but don’t tell him that! ;o)


  6. Congrats Dubby on your award!

    PS – Dozer – I think you should’ve won.

  7. Thank you soo much Dubby! My mom has been really busy and hasn’t had a chance to help me say thank you.

    Dozer will get over it! I promise.

    Your Friend Quizz

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