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Oh Noes! Tippy Toes!!

Well here is a pitcher nobuddy wants to see.


No thats not a wurm or a snake on the grownd that is jest sum string frum our Rope Toy.

If you are confoozed why this pitcher is bad then look a little closer.


I am standing on my tip toe! I am hopping around today like a bunny and Mummy is very very upset.

This is the same leggie that I hads a big surjuree on that costed lots of munny and made me cooped insides the howse almost all the time.

The v-e-t jest sed a little wile ago that I wuz all better but Mummy still wuz not letting me play fetch at all. So she thinks it is a big mistery how I have hurted my leg agin. And I am not telling.

Tomorrow I am going to the v-e-t fer an allerjee test and also fer those peeples to see wut is wrong with my leggie.

I thinks this is enuff bad nooz fer the day so to cheer you up I am gonna show you a pitcher that wuz recently diskovered of myself wen I wuz a teenage dawg!

Dogs at the window 004

This is me wen I wuz not kwite three yeers old. It wuz in 2003. And hey look its Old Lady Dawg too! She wuz only like five in this pitcher.

Now be shore to stay tooned cause I have a speshull treet fer you coming soon! Since I am gonna judje the Kyutest Costoom over at Daisys Costoom Contest I thinks I should prove that I am the dawg fer the job. So prepare yerself now fer the kyutest pitchers you ever seened!!


13 Responses

  1. Oh Dozer, I sure hope your leggie is okay!

  2. Oh No Dozer! You are suppose to take care of your special leg! We’ll aim Charlie your way for healing energy so that V-E-T won’t poke you too much!

    Your Friend Quizz & Charlie, the Cat

  3. Oh no Dozer!
    We are sending your lots of healing vibes and hope your leg feels better very soon (with surgery or anything)! Good luck at the V E T!
    Hugs and Tail Wags,

  4. Oh Dozer!! That’s terrible!! Am sending lots of slobbers and hoping it’s nothing serious!
    Let us know as soon as you get back from the vet!!

  5. we hope your leggie is okay – tell mommy it is only a cramp and it needs to be rubbed

    cool pic you are so handsome

    Woodrow – Sweetie – MJ

  6. Oh no! That tippy toe walk is very bad. I hope the vet can fix you up. I will send my Mango zen your way for sure.


  7. I hope yer leg is jest playing a trick on yoo and it will be all better.

    Yer pal,

  8. Uh oh…I hope that the V-E-T says only good things!!!


  9. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay oh noes i am sorry yore leg is owchie!!! i hope it gits better soon!!! ok bye

  10. Yer purty much the cutestest pups we’ve ever seen. Love you.

    Bobo and Meja

  11. Oh no Dozer…I hope the vet can help with the allergies and the leg…hope nothing too bad is wrong. Happy thoughts!!

  12. Oh No~! Dozer! I hope everything is ok, maybe you slept funny. Tell your momma it helps if you sleep on the bed bed!! My hip is getting better, but still no walkies or kong ball, which is very sad. Let us know what the V*E*T says.

  13. Oh no Dozer! Hope the leg is ok. I have faith in you that you’ll never tell what happened so hopefully the vet will figure it out!

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