Happy Birfday to ME!

Well hi everybuddy gess wut this munth is?? It is my birfday!

Oooh! A speshull birfday hat fer me!

I am now TIN yeers old. TIN is a very very Big Number wich is perfekt cause I am a very very Big Dawg!

Fer my birfday Mummy mades me a very speshull birfday cake. She sed Dozer I wanted to makes you a reel cake but you cannot eat those kinds of foodies cause of yer alerjees.

So my speshull cake is mades of carits punkin and green beens!

Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme

Nom nom nom!!

Star getted sum too even tho it wuz not her birfday.

Gross, what are these green things in here?

Nobuddy noes wen her birfday is or even how menny yeers she is. But Mummy sez we will give her a speshull cake on the day called Gotcha Day wich fer Star is in the cold winter times.

Get this off of me. Please. Now.


Speshull foodies

Well hi everybuddy! Its bin a wile! No dont wurry I am not ded heh heh. I am jest reely enjoyin my semireetiremint tho I do miss my blog buddys.

Here is wut I have bin doin in my semireetiremint!

Helpin Mummy do her wurk

Star is not halping shes jest in it fer the cookys

Makin a big mess with my stuffy pig

Makin a big mess with my stuffy dino and rollin in it

Sleepin in my stuffy dino fuzz

Ooo I thinks I getted sum stuffy in my ear

Diskoverin wut is inside my Kong Wubba. It wuz a jiant tennis ball!

Well it has not bin all fun and games in my semireetiremint! A very bad thang happined to me too. It wuz ALERJEES and a NEW STAFF infekshun!!! Aieeeeeee!

Mummy taked me to a new doktor wut knows a lot about alerjees. That doktor gived me lots of medisin to take. And then she sed Dozer you gets to have sum speshull foodies fer a wile!!

At furst I wuz reely egsited to git sum speshull foodies. Hahaha in yer face Star I am speshull!!!

I see ghosts. That's special too.

Well it terned out the foodies wuz reely reely yukky! It wuz stinky and it tasted sooo bads.

Ugh this foodies is yukky!!!

I did not want to eat it. I wanted to eat Stars yummy foodies wich wuz my old foodies. But Mummy sed Im sorry Dozer but you cannot eat ennythang else but this speshull foodies!

So I did not eat ennythang at all fer lots of days. Then Mummy sed Dozer I wuz hoping you would eat yer food but now I must play durty! And she played a mind trik on me and I am ashamed to say it werked.

Furst she sed hay Star come here and git sum foodies!

Well I may not like this foodies but that shore dont meen Im gonna give it to Star no way no how.

No Star you may not eat my yukky yukky foodies!


Wut the hey ho?!?!?! Thats MY foodies!!!

Scuse me Star but NO that is MINE!

Ugh nom nom nom so gross nom nom nom

Wutever it takes to keeps Star frum gettin MY food!

OK I gots this Mummy Ill take it frum here.

Ah, poop, he's eating it all.

OK done! None fer Star ha ha ha!!!

Well Mummy sed ok good job Dozer but I does not want to sit here and make you jellus every meeltime so I am gonna think up a better way.

So nekst meeltime gess wut!?! I getted punkin in my foodies!! Punkin is jest the yummyest thang ever and Mummy sed the doktor sed it wuz okay fer me. My foodies smelled good insted of yukky so I eated it all.

Punkin mmmmm yeah!!!

Punkin makes it all betters.

Even Star getted punkin in her foodies wich I think is not fare cause she has yummy foodies alreddy.

Stars bowl likking tekneek

So ennyway thats wut I have bin doing in my semireetiremint!

Coming soon is my burthday and I will be TEN yeers old wich is a very distinguished age if I does say so myselfs. Mummy sez this is a big burthday fer me so she is gonna throw me a party wich will be my very furst party ever! But she sez I will not git enny treets cause of my alerjees! Well wut kind of party is it without spesull treets?!?

Hay everybuddy I hopes you have a HAPPY HOWLOWEEN!!!

Summer Daze Makes Me Feel Fine

Well its summer times here in the hot fire land of Teksus! And you kno wut that meens–sun and sun and sun.

Star luvs to sun sun sun her fat butt.

Warmin up fer the full sun.

Foster dawg Nancy has a big butt jest like Star! In yer face Star literully!! Hahaha!!

Why howdy thar Mummy kin I intrest you in sum fetch??

Ever sinse my surjery in the last summer times I have not bin alowed to play fetch. But today I wuz determind to git Mummy to throw my Ring Toy wich I luv!

Less kamra more fetchin pleeze Mummy.

Star likes to sleep in the hot hot sun fer reesuns no wun kin unnerstand.

Mebbe if I lay down you will throw this toy fer me rite?

Wut is the deel with you stikin yer butt in everywuns face Nancy? Cant you see I am tryin to play fetch here??

I wuz not havin too much luk gittin Mummy to throw my toy. But that did not stop me frum being kyute as kyute kin be!!

Hellooooo I am bein kyute over here!! Mummy lookit me!!

I am jest a little bit tired of followin you round Mummy. I will jest rest here a minnit.

Star!! You shameless hussy dawg!!! Cuver up!!

You kno that is gonna hert if it burns Star.

I gess wen you is bloted with parasites it is hard to reech yer butt.

Hi thar! Im still waitin fer you to throw this thang...

Yep still watin. I kin wate all day dont wurry. You IS gonna throw it rite?

Well you kno wut? Mummy did NOT throw my toy! Not even wunce!! Ooohh my hart wuz brokin!

And then she sed an awful thang. She sed well I thinks Nancy has had enuff hot hot sun fer now. Its time to go insides!

Oh my, yes, I would appreciate that.

Wut?!?! But... but... Mummy you did not THROW my toy!!

And that wuz the story of my day every day this hole week! How wuz yer week? Wuz it better then mine??

Hoppy Easter!

Well hi everybuddy I jest wanted to wish yall a hoppy Easter!

We is having nice weather here and this is wut I have bin up to. It is not very eksiting at all!

You kin hear burds skweeking in the bakgrownd of this moovee. Those burds is called grackles and they is very very noisy!! And here in Teksus they is everyware!

I hopes you is all having sum nice wether but if you is not hay move to Teksus!

But only fer this munth. You will not like it nekst munth. It will be hot and awful!

Hoppy Easter frum yer pals Dozer and Star and all them chikkens!!

NOOO!!! SNOW!!! Plus sum pitchers frum the 2004 snow!

Well folks yesterday wuz a teribull day fer me cause we had SNOW! This is the furst time in a zillion yeers that we have had snow. Mummy camed home frum werk early yesterday and she werked at home cause of the snow. She sez that that is cause in Teksus nobuddy knows how to drive in snow.

It wuz the furst time Star and Sweet Pea had ever seed snow before.

OMG YUM!!! Oh no wait a second what are you giving me?

 I have seed snow before so this is my sekund time seeing it and I do not think it is a big deel.

Ppftht I duz not like snow.

But yes we had to stand around and hyumur Mummy wile she taked pitchers and throwed balls of snow at us. I did not chase the snow cause I knowed it wuz not a reel ball. But Star who is very very stoopid chased the snowball every singul time hahahaha!!!

After a wile the snow started going away. That is cause this is Teksus.

Then at long last Mummy sed we must go insides cause everythang wuz gettin all wet and muddy.

My favrite part of the day wuz this part.

Space heeter fer the win!!!

Now here is a very very speshul treet fer you. It is sum old pitchers of the last time it snowed here in Teksus where I live!!!

Mummy sez this day wuz called Febuary 14 2004 so I wuz only three yeers old! This is the furst time I ever seed snow. It wuz in the middul of the nite and all the naybors wuz outsides playing in the snow fer sum crazy reesun.

I tryed to eskape the snow by jumping out of it but I could not git out of it!

Then I tryed to eskape by running away but I could not run away ether!

Old Lady Dawg jest stood there and did not move.

Interestingly Mummy and Daddy had bringed home a foster baby dawg this time wen it snowed too.

Foster baby dawg Puppy also seed snow fer the furst time.

I tasted the snow a little bit and it wuz cold and yukky.

You kin see in these pitchers that there wuz green grass everywheres under the snow. That is cause it wuz nice warm Teksus wether before it snowed and we thinked it wuz gonna be spring time soon! Also this snow melted away jest as fast as yesterdays snow. It wuz gone by the next day.

Yep we dont git snow very ofen but wen we do it shore is a BIG DEEL!

Happy Valintimes Day!

Well hi everybuddy its that very nice Day of Luv also nown as Valintimes Day! This is wen you is sposed to give flowers and chocolit to yer sweethart and tell them you luv them.

I have alreddy gived a big kissy to my Mummy. I did not give her flowers cause Daddy did that and I did not give her chocolit cause she has buyed plenty of chocolit fer herself not jest fer today but every time she goes to the store!

Daisy is my gurlfrend and I thinks her present will be late but in the meentimes here is a pitcher of sum flowers jest fer her! I hopes she will still be my gurlfrend this yeer and she will not find a yunger dawg!

Hey Daisy Happy Valintimes Day!!

I hopes everybuddy has a nice Valintimes Day with their sweethart or with their familys or even jest with their dawgs and or kittys!!

Hey Star does you have ennythang you want to add? Star??

Ummm okay I am not shore wut you guys is doin over there but dont let me git in yer way! Heheheh. No seeriusly stay away frum me.

The Day of Luv is Coming Up!

Well hi everybuddy its bin a wile sorry bout that but Mummy is still bizzy as a bee mmmm bees…

Sinse my full recuvuree frum surguree I am not playing too much but I git lots of sleep! Look here I am in my favrite chare! With my evel roommate who is like my shadow I cannot git rid of her.

Yes there arent too menny pitchers of me lately cause all I do is sleep sleep sleep and Mummy sez its cause I am an old dawg. Hey Mummy I am not old I am jest youthfully challenjed!!

Here is anuther pitcher of me looking goofy. Mummy kept saying treet treet treet over and over and that always makes me happy doesnt it make you happy too?!?!

Yes yes treet I heered you the furst time Mummy!

And lookit this other thang wut has happened recently. Mummy has LOOSED HER MIND I TELLS YA!!!

Its a rat... its a deer... OMG NO ITS A FOSTER DAWG ARRRGGH!!!!

Closeup of hideus uglee foster baby dawg

Yes jest wen I thinked thangs wuz going good Mummy bringed home ANUTHER mangey stinky uglee thang. This time it is a gurl baby dawg and at furst it wuz very sick and I was ok with that cause it jest sleeped all the time. But now it is feeling BETTER wich is BAD cause now all it wants to do is play play play. Me and Star are sposed to be reel nice to it but that is very hard wen it is eating all my toys up!

It is called Sweet Pea but I thinks its reel name is Evel Pea!!

Anyways Mummy sez that Day of Luv is coming up called Valintimes Day!! I am happy cause it makes me think of my gurlfrend Daisy and I am gonna git her a purty gift. I wunder wut I should git her?? Cause dawgs cannot eat choclet!

Hay Star who is you gonna give yer luv fer Valintimes Day?? Star??

WAHAHAHAAH!! Oh man Star git a room!!!