Whar is Rosie?

Well folks as you may or may not remember (cause who cares bout foster dawgs reely?) we had an awful mangey foster dawg named Rosie here fer jest a little bit in last winter time.

Rosie wuz adopted in jest a few weeks wich is like a rekord fer a mangey dawg but Mummy sed it is cause Rosie is not a pit bull. Rosie is a Boston Terror wich is related to a pit bull but very small and fer sum reeson peeple like Boston Terrors much more.

Anyways this is wut Rosie looked like wen we started to foster her. Icky icky icky.

And then Rosie getted a new Mummy and Daddy and a little wile ago they sended us this pitcher of Rosie. They luv her soooo much wich is good cause I dont want her back thanks ennyway.

Hay Rosie lookin good!! And good riddance!!

I am happy cause we have no foster dawgs rite now and it is kwiet here. I am shore it wont be long before we git anuther wun tho. Now that Mummy has leaved her job I have catched her scanning the list of fosterabull dawgs a lot. Noooooo!!!! Go git yer job back Mummy!!!

Reed my lips NO NEW FOSTER DAWGS!!!


The Day of Luv is Coming Up!

Well hi everybuddy its bin a wile sorry bout that but Mummy is still bizzy as a bee mmmm bees…

Sinse my full recuvuree frum surguree I am not playing too much but I git lots of sleep! Look here I am in my favrite chare! With my evel roommate who is like my shadow I cannot git rid of her.

Yes there arent too menny pitchers of me lately cause all I do is sleep sleep sleep and Mummy sez its cause I am an old dawg. Hey Mummy I am not old I am jest youthfully challenjed!!

Here is anuther pitcher of me looking goofy. Mummy kept saying treet treet treet over and over and that always makes me happy doesnt it make you happy too?!?!

Yes yes treet I heered you the furst time Mummy!

And lookit this other thang wut has happened recently. Mummy has LOOSED HER MIND I TELLS YA!!!

Its a rat... its a deer... OMG NO ITS A FOSTER DAWG ARRRGGH!!!!

Closeup of hideus uglee foster baby dawg

Yes jest wen I thinked thangs wuz going good Mummy bringed home ANUTHER mangey stinky uglee thang. This time it is a gurl baby dawg and at furst it wuz very sick and I was ok with that cause it jest sleeped all the time. But now it is feeling BETTER wich is BAD cause now all it wants to do is play play play. Me and Star are sposed to be reel nice to it but that is very hard wen it is eating all my toys up!

It is called Sweet Pea but I thinks its reel name is Evel Pea!!

Anyways Mummy sez that Day of Luv is coming up called Valintimes Day!! I am happy cause it makes me think of my gurlfrend Daisy and I am gonna git her a purty gift. I wunder wut I should git her?? Cause dawgs cannot eat choclet!

Hay Star who is you gonna give yer luv fer Valintimes Day?? Star??

WAHAHAHAAH!! Oh man Star git a room!!!

He’s Not So Bad

Hi everyone! It’s me, Star!

I’ve decided that the creature known as “Dubby” might possibly be a puppy after all. Therefore, I’ve deemed him worthy of playing with, and I even let him win… sometimes… as long as he doesn’t start humping on me, which is totally NOT PROPER.

To prove that we are getting along just fine, here is some video footage that was taken right around and underneath the Lady’s workspace, where she has been sitting like a lump for days and days making little marks on papers and talking to herself.

Of course, all this noise and merrymaking seems to have a negative effect on the Lady’s rather weak mind–she says she cannot concentrate when we are playing, and would we please shut up and shove off, so she can do her work.

I would play the world’s smallest violin for her, but alas, I lack an opposable thumb to make the gesture.

The Lady wishes to pass along her apologies for not letting myself or Dozer visit anyone’s blogs lately.

We have not been doing much at all for a while, and she blames it on her working two jobs. Yawn. I work two jobs all the time (agility class and… hmm… behaving myself) and you don’t hear me complaining!

What Is This Thing?!?

Hi everyone, it’s me, Star! Today the Lady took Dozer away and didn’t come back with him. She said he was going to the vet for the day, because he needs more x-rays. Ha ha ha!! I think that’s karma, after all his plotting with Octopussy to get rid of me.

The Lady also took the mysterious creature that’s been living in her bathroom. I was very surprised when she brought it back and said I could meet it.

Now, what the Lady said was that this creature is a puppy with something called “demodectic mange.” It sounds like a serious disease but she said I probably wouldn’t catch it. Since I really like puppies, I thought I was going to have some fun!!

But when I met this so-called “puppy,” look what happened!

That’s right, the Lady pulled a bait-and-switch on me. That’s no puppy! That thing is stinky and wrinkly and… and… NAKED! Ugh, I don’t know if I can be around something so pathetically lacking in fashion sense.

In other news, the Lady discovered a package for me and Dozer!! It was on a counter under a pile of stuff. Apparently, it showed up while Lady was on her trip, and the Man brought it in but forgot about it (maybe because he buried it under a bunch of junk). So Lady found it today while cleaning up.

She says that we are going to open it later today, when Dozer gets back from the vet–so tune in tomorrow to find out who it’s from and what’s inside!

Over and out!

Action shot! This rope toy is about to regret its existence.

Action shot! This rope toy is about to regret its existence.

A Guest


mangypuppyI iz a foster puppee!

DSC00748I haz no furs!DSC00745But I am stiww happeee!!

Grass. I wiww eat it!

Grass—I wiww eat it!

I sure hope somewon wiww adopt me. Even with no furs!

Give im here. I will takes care of that little thang.

Give im here. I will takes care of that little thang.