I Am Eight and I Getted Awards

Well I forgetted to menshun that I turned eight back in November. So Happy Super Late Birthday to me! Now that I am eight I guess I am sposed to be an old dawg. But I reely am not too old now that Star has come to live with me. In fact I am playing a lot more lately. Mummy sez its good that we are playing together cause she sez I have been sad since Old Lady Dawg went away. Hmph I dont know if thats true.

But Star and I also fight a little cause Star does not know how to stay out of my foody bowl while I am eating my foodies! How rude! So now Mummy makes Star eat in her crate and does not let her out until we are both done eating. Thank you Mummy fer letting an old man eat his foodies in peace.

Also I getted sum nice awards lately.

This one is frum Gus and Waldo:


Thank you Gus and Waldo. You are my friends also. I would like to pass this award on to all my friends who are listed on the right sidebar on my blog. Except the chickens who I do not like since they suck up my Mummys love. No award fer them.

And this one is frum Dennis:


Thank you Dennis. Now the Lemonade Stand award is sposed to go to bloggers what show great attitude or gratitude but I am not too shore what that has to do with lemonade. Mummy sez I am not allowed to have lemons cause they are citrus and that is not too good fer dawgs and I guess lemonade fer the same reason and also cause it has sugar in it and I am not allowed to have sugar.

So at first I thinked mebbe Dennis is trying to get me in trouble with Mummy. But then I thinked mebbe the Lemonade Stand is fer selling lemonade not drinking it. Dennis is cleerly looking out fer my best intrests cause I can sell lemonade and make sum munny to buy more treats and toys especially since we are almost out of toys now that Star has destroyed most of thems.

Anyway you are sposed to give this award to ten other bloggers but frankly if I am going to be selling lemonade to make munny then I do not want to share this award or else I will have too much competishun in the lemonade bizness!