Speshull foodies

Well hi everybuddy! Its bin a wile! No dont wurry I am not ded heh heh. I am jest reely enjoyin my semireetiremint tho I do miss my blog buddys.

Here is wut I have bin doin in my semireetiremint!

Helpin Mummy do her wurk

Star is not halping shes jest in it fer the cookys

Makin a big mess with my stuffy pig

Makin a big mess with my stuffy dino and rollin in it

Sleepin in my stuffy dino fuzz

Ooo I thinks I getted sum stuffy in my ear

Diskoverin wut is inside my Kong Wubba. It wuz a jiant tennis ball!

Well it has not bin all fun and games in my semireetiremint! A very bad thang happined to me too. It wuz ALERJEES and a NEW STAFF infekshun!!! Aieeeeeee!

Mummy taked me to a new doktor wut knows a lot about alerjees. That doktor gived me lots of medisin to take. And then she sed Dozer you gets to have sum speshull foodies fer a wile!!

At furst I wuz reely egsited to git sum speshull foodies. Hahaha in yer face Star I am speshull!!!

I see ghosts. That's special too.

Well it terned out the foodies wuz reely reely yukky! It wuz stinky and it tasted sooo bads.

Ugh this foodies is yukky!!!

I did not want to eat it. I wanted to eat Stars yummy foodies wich wuz my old foodies. But Mummy sed Im sorry Dozer but you cannot eat ennythang else but this speshull foodies!

So I did not eat ennythang at all fer lots of days. Then Mummy sed Dozer I wuz hoping you would eat yer food but now I must play durty! And she played a mind trik on me and I am ashamed to say it werked.

Furst she sed hay Star come here and git sum foodies!

Well I may not like this foodies but that shore dont meen Im gonna give it to Star no way no how.

No Star you may not eat my yukky yukky foodies!


Wut the hey ho?!?!?! Thats MY foodies!!!

Scuse me Star but NO that is MINE!

Ugh nom nom nom so gross nom nom nom

Wutever it takes to keeps Star frum gettin MY food!

OK I gots this Mummy Ill take it frum here.

Ah, poop, he's eating it all.

OK done! None fer Star ha ha ha!!!

Well Mummy sed ok good job Dozer but I does not want to sit here and make you jellus every meeltime so I am gonna think up a better way.

So nekst meeltime gess wut!?! I getted punkin in my foodies!! Punkin is jest the yummyest thang ever and Mummy sed the doktor sed it wuz okay fer me. My foodies smelled good insted of yukky so I eated it all.

Punkin mmmmm yeah!!!

Punkin makes it all betters.

Even Star getted punkin in her foodies wich I think is not fare cause she has yummy foodies alreddy.

Stars bowl likking tekneek

So ennyway thats wut I have bin doing in my semireetiremint!

Coming soon is my burthday and I will be TEN yeers old wich is a very distinguished age if I does say so myselfs. Mummy sez this is a big burthday fer me so she is gonna throw me a party wich will be my very furst party ever! But she sez I will not git enny treets cause of my alerjees! Well wut kind of party is it without spesull treets?!?

Hay everybuddy I hopes you have a HAPPY HOWLOWEEN!!!

Awards and More Awards

Well I have bin colekting awards fer no obveeus reesun eksept that I am cleerly a adorabull dawg wut everybuddy luvs. It cannot be cause of my blog cause my Mummy has bin neglekting me badly in this regard. She keeps wining bout too much werk and blah blah blah nobuddy cares!! Ennyways oh yes I am shore these awards are also cause of my luvving and konserned attitood toward all my frends!!

First is this fine award frum my luv Daisy the Pink Pit Bull wut is indeed sumwut pink tho I am afrade she is not kwite as pink as our icky foster dawg (or mebbe pig I am not shore) Dubby. However she is much much more loverly.


Well Ill be darned this is wun smart award!! How did it know that dawg bones and Daisy Dawgs are both my choise?? The only thang it fergitted bout wuz Kong Balls! Now this award does not come with enny rools eksept I should kreddit Purple Hatter fer the deezine. I git to pass it out to whoever I want! I will haves to think bout that fer a wile… and treshure my preshus award all to myselfs.

Now we come to the Oops I Ate It Award! This is frum my pal Dennis the Viszla with suport from Tucker.


OK this is not reely an award it is a meem and the rooles say I am sposed to tell you bout food thangs I have steeled. Well as menny of you may know I am not too good at steeling foodstuffs.

You mite remember this pitcher frum a wile ago. It wuz sum foodies that Mummy leaved on the tabull fer hours wile she wuz not at home. I did not eat it.

It wuz a yummy English muffen and sum milk.

It wuz a yummy English muffen and sum milk.

You mite also remember this pitcher. This is ware my foodies is keeped: on the floor ware I could jest git rite in it if I wanted. But I do not.

I does not eat foodies that is not in my bowl. Not even when the bag is open and nobuddy is homes.

I does not eat foodies that is not in my bowl. Not even when the bag is open and nobuddy is homes.

Beleeve it or not even Star does not steel foodies. I am not shore how she keeps her butt so fat without steeling but she does it sumhow!!

However there is sumone in our howse that DOES steel foodies and you may remember this pitcher!! Thats rite its DADDY and hes steeling MY foodies!! Or at leest he is faking it ennyways. Shame on you Daddy!!

Sheesh Daddy yer embarasing me get yer own bowl!

Sheesh Daddy yer embarasing me get yer own bowl!

Now lets find out bout the notty eating habits of these fine bloggers!!

  1. Bobo and Meja
  2. The Prairie Dogs
  3. Jack and Maggie
  4. Brownie

Okay now the nekst award is frum Princess the Pit Bull!


Awww isnt that sweet she is showing me luv!! I hopes Daisy doesnt git jellus!! Hey wate a sekund Princess sez this award is fer STAR!! Wut!??

Hi everyone, it’s me, Star. Thanks, Princess, for this wonderful award. I do indeed show the love whereever there is love to be shown!!

Here are some rules that came with the award:

  • Put the award on your blog and link to who gave it to you.
  • Give a nod to Purple Hatter who made the award
  • Share a picture or story of how you ‘Showed Some Love’ lately
  • Give the award to at least 5 (or more) of your blogging buddies who you believe have showed some love and ask them to share their picture or story too!!
  • So, here is the picture of me sharing the love with Dozer and Dubby. It’s a three-way love-a-thon! A “love triangle,” you might say.


    And here are five lovely, loving blog buddies who deserve this award!

    1. Honey the Great Dane
    2. Addie, Lucie, and Hailey
    3. Quizz
    4. Gus and Waldo
    5. Woodrow, Sweetie, and MJ

    Dinner Party

    Well tonite me and Star wuz invited to a dinner party. This wuz a big suprise fer us! We dont usually git to eat at the tables.

    Dinner party yeah!

    Dinner party yeah!

    The foodies wuz noodulls. I luv noodulls! I haf to admit I wuz a little unshore bout ettikit. But I followed the prinsipul rool of being polite wich is: Fore on the floor.

    This reminds me of sum moovee bout dawgs and spagetti.

    This reminds me of sum moovee bout dawgs and spagetti.

    Star however made a fool of herself.

    Hey that is not fore on the floor Star! Bad dawg!

    Hey that is not fore on the floor Star! Bad dawg!

    Ew gross I thinks she jest kissed Daddy.

    Ew gross I thinks she jest kissed Daddy.

    Fer sum reeson Mummy sawed us doing this and she sed oh I jest losed my apitite! Well grate that meens more fer us rite Daddy??

    Super Duper Very Good Dawg

    Well my Mummy left the house and forgetted that she leaved sum delishuss food on the short table. She wuz gone fer TWO hours.

    But guess what. I wuz a Very Good Dawg and I did not eat that food!

    It wuz a yummy English muffen and sum milk.

    It wuz a yummy English muffen and sum milk.

    I know it looks like it wuz eaten a bit and thats cause Mummy wuz eating it not me. Then she ranned off and forgitted about the food.

    Now you may be saying well Dozer thats very Good but isnt Star a Good Dawg too cause she didnt eat the food ether.

    And the anser to that is NO Star doesnt get any creddit here and this is why:

    Star got leaved in her crate while Mummy wuz gone.

    Star got leaved in her crate while Mummy wuz gone.

    Ha ha ha!! I am the only Very Good Dawg in this house!!

    Not Begging

    Well delishuss foodies require apreciashun even if it is people foodies. Today I wanted to teach Star how to apreciate foodies without doing what Mummy calls begging. Mummy sez begging is not allowed but I have found that it is okay to apreciate foodies.

    Unfortunately Star did not take my advice. It wuz good that she layed down on the floor when Mummy told her to but her begging wuz jest too obvious.

    You will feed me that. Now.

    You will feed me that. Now.

    Howevers I wuz a Very Good Dawg and merely apreciated the foodies without begging. Though it looked a lot like I wuz smelling Stars legpit but I wuz not.

    That foodies smells loverly but I am not begging.

    That foodies smells loverly but I am not begging.

    I have found that the key is not to look at the foodies or at Mummy or Daddy when they is eating. That is the difrence between begging and merely apreciating the foodies.

    Speshull Foodies

    Well today mmm I getted speshull foodies. This is my normal foodies plus a delishus thang called rice that is white and smooshy and sooo yummy. Silly Mummy putted the rice at the bottom and put the normal foodies on the top but I digged right down to the bottom and getted to the rice first of course.

    Rice close up!

    Rice close up!

    After yesterdays failed Campain fer a Better Bed I will acksept this peace offering frum my Mummy and forgive that she didnt let me up on her nice soft bed. I reckon it is not her falt that she has a hart of stone. It is a terible disease.

    My Blue Toy

    Well today I will show you my fun toy called Blue Toy. I luv Blue Toy espeshully much cause it usually has foodies or treats in it! My toy called Black Kong also has foodies or treats in it but that toy is very easy to get the yummy thangs out. This toy is much harder.

    Mummy sez this toy is not reely called Blue Toy. It is called StarMark Everlasting Treat Ball. So you can prolly guess why I jest call it Blue Toy.

    This toy comes in the boks with a BIG treat that is hard and brown and I guess cause of the name that treat is reely sposed to be Everlasting but it shore didnt last long when I getted it! But so far the blue part has been Everlasting which is purty good cause I usually chew thangs up reely fast but this one not so much.

    Here is Mummy giving me my Blue Toy. It has Milk Bones in it.

    Why thank you Mummy.

    Why thank you Mummy.

    Hmm I will jest chomp on it fer a whiles.

    Hmm I will jest chomp on it fer a whiles.

    Action shot! A treat has falled out.

    Action shot! A treat has falled out. I will eat it.

    Mmm I am licking it cause there are no more treats insides.

    Mmm I am licking it cause there are no more treats insides.

    Please may I have another?

    Please may I have another?

    Mummy sez you must ignore the messes in the pitchers cause that is Daddys office and he never cleens it.