Summer Daze Makes Me Feel Fine

Well its summer times here in the hot fire land of Teksus! And you kno wut that meens–sun and sun and sun.

Star luvs to sun sun sun her fat butt.

Warmin up fer the full sun.

Foster dawg Nancy has a big butt jest like Star! In yer face Star literully!! Hahaha!!

Why howdy thar Mummy kin I intrest you in sum fetch??

Ever sinse my surjery in the last summer times I have not bin alowed to play fetch. But today I wuz determind to git Mummy to throw my Ring Toy wich I luv!

Less kamra more fetchin pleeze Mummy.

Star likes to sleep in the hot hot sun fer reesuns no wun kin unnerstand.

Mebbe if I lay down you will throw this toy fer me rite?

Wut is the deel with you stikin yer butt in everywuns face Nancy? Cant you see I am tryin to play fetch here??

I wuz not havin too much luk gittin Mummy to throw my toy. But that did not stop me frum being kyute as kyute kin be!!

Hellooooo I am bein kyute over here!! Mummy lookit me!!

I am jest a little bit tired of followin you round Mummy. I will jest rest here a minnit.

Star!! You shameless hussy dawg!!! Cuver up!!

You kno that is gonna hert if it burns Star.

I gess wen you is bloted with parasites it is hard to reech yer butt.

Hi thar! Im still waitin fer you to throw this thang...

Yep still watin. I kin wate all day dont wurry. You IS gonna throw it rite?

Well you kno wut? Mummy did NOT throw my toy! Not even wunce!! Ooohh my hart wuz brokin!

And then she sed an awful thang. She sed well I thinks Nancy has had enuff hot hot sun fer now. Its time to go insides!

Oh my, yes, I would appreciate that.

Wut?!?! But... but... Mummy you did not THROW my toy!!

And that wuz the story of my day every day this hole week! How wuz yer week? Wuz it better then mine??


My New(ish) Toy: Skweeky Ball

Well before I hurted my leg I wuz gonna show you this My New Toy: Skweeky Ball!

I cannot play fetch with this toy ennymore until I am all betters. And that is gonna be months sez Mummy. But I will show this toy to you anyways.

My new favoritest toy!

My new favoritest toy!

You are prolly saying hey Dozer wate jest a sekund! That looks like a boring old tennis ball to me!

Well there are two thangs difrent about this ball. First it is bigger then a tennis ball. And sekund it skweeks! Here I will prove it. Over and over and over and over.

Now that I am spending lots of time doing NUTHING AT ALL this toy is still fun cause I can lie down and skweek it over and over until Mummy screams. Yes Mummy now you are feeling my paine too!!! Hahahah!!!

Hi everyone, this is me, Star! Hey I have a surprise for you! I am famous! But the Lady says I must wait until tomorrow to tell you about it. See you later! Love, Star.

Not Gonna Happen

Well it rained yesterday which ment a boring day fer us insides the house. When it rains the only time we go outsides is fer potty time.

Well that is not totally troo cause Star does not go outside even fer potty time.

I always takes advantage of potty time to try and play sum fetch but Mummy never falls fer it.

Here is yesterdays potty time! As you kin see nobuddy getted wut they wanted.

A Speshull Gest

Well today wuz a bit eksiting cause we had a speshull gest at my howse. It wuz a yellow lab baby dawg named Waylan.

To be honest I wuz not eksited about Waylan. I wuz eksited fer two other reesuns. One wuz that Star LUVED Waylan a lot so that ment I had a little peece and kwiet. Two wuz that since Waylan wuz hyperaktive Mummy let us all be outsides and it wuz a nice day AND Mummy and Daddy both played ball with me and letted me play in the hose. This is why I likes having gests over sumtimes.

This is Waylan.

This is Waylan.

Waylan wuz at our howse cause our howse is having sum construkshun done on it and the peoples wut are doing the construkshun bringed Waylan with them. Well Mummy sawed Waylan sleeping inside their car and she sed it wuz too hot fer dawgs to be in cars. So she insisted that Waylan spend the day with us. Gee thanks Mummy.

Mummy sez in case you are not shore when it will be too hot fer a dawg in a car that if it is 84 degrees outsides or more then that is too hot even if your car is in the shade and the windows are open. So that tells you how hot it wuz today at my howse! Acktually it wuz much hotter cause Waylan came out of the car before Mummy even eated her lunch.

Mummy tolled me to stop being a jerk. Hey Mummy I dont see you protekting this mud hole!!

Mummy tolled me to stop being a jerk. Hey Mummy I dont see you protekting this mud hole!!

Mummy also tolled me to get out of the mud hole.

Mummy also tolled me to get out of the mud hole.

Star and Waylan hit it off rite aways. They both has a similar fyting style by putting their paws in their faces and stomping on each others. Also they are both reely bad at playing fetch wich sooted me jest fine.

After a lot of playing everybuddy finally calmed downs.


Star and Waylan wuz cooling off in the bestest spot so I wuz forced to join them.

Yeah ok jest dont get too close to my preshuss Kong ball!

Yeah ok jest dont get too close to my preshuss Kong ball!

My Trip

Well okay here are the horrible details of the trip I wuz forced to go on the last few days!

First of all we all getted in the car. Auntie K and Gramma camed too but in their own car which looks ekacktly like Mummys car. Then we drived and drived fer a long time.

Then at last we wuz there! It wuz alreddy dark outsides and dinner time. We all went into this little house.


I thinks I made it pretty clear I wanted to go home now.

Open sesame.

Open sesame.

Star did not care. She eated her food and my food too.

Her butt makes her look fat.

Her butt makes her look fat.

I tried again to convey my sad feelings only this time I bringed my ball jest in case Mummy reely did let me go home. I wuz prepared.

Seeriusly open the door Mummy.

Seeriusly open the door Mummy.

It did not werk. We sleeped in that little house. I did not cry too much that night cause I wuz purty shore we would go home first thang in the morning.

Then in the morning it getted very very cold and lots of wind. Mummy sed oh thats too bad we cannot go on a boat. Wut?!?! Well thank goodness fer that! So mebbe we will go home now??

Come on Auntie K Im purty shore home is this way.

Come on Auntie K Im purty shore home is this way.

But no we did not go home. Insted we stayed outside that little house and Mummy and Daddy talked with other peoples that they knowed. Well the only good thang wuz that these peoples were suckers and they throwed my ball for me for a long long time.

There wuz a little dawg named Oakley and Star falled in love with him. Here is a video of me and Star and Oakley and all those peoples.

Unfortoonately all that fetch made me hurt my foot kinda bad and then Mummy sed I could not play no more. Also I had to wear a sock. Well since my only fun times wuz taken away frum me I cryed and shaked because there wuz nothing to distrakt me frum the fakt that I wuz not home.

Auntie K tried her bestest to distrakt me in this moovee by making a kitty noise.

I honestlee dont know wut Auntie K means when she implys I have been crying fer two days. Its reely only been like one and a half days by now.

My enemy Star made me look like a Very Bad Dawg! Look at this awful moovee of Star showing off her fancy moves with Mummy.

Oh yeah well I can sit faster then you Star so there. Im shore yer fat butt causes you sum trubble when you try to sit.

That night we went back in the little house and I cried sum more cause I knowed then that we wuz not going home fer a whole nother night! Jest a warning if you are prone to mygranes you may want to skip this moovee.

You will notice Star at the end of the moovee and she did not look too happy. She sez this is what she wuz thinking. She wouldnt tell me wut it means so that is fer you to figger out.


Anyways the next day I wuz so releeved to see Mummy and Auntie K and Gramma packing up all the stuff. Then Mummy taked Star on a speshull trip down to the water even tho it wuz still too cold and windy to do anythang in the water. It turns out Star is skeered of waves ha ha ha ha!!

Then we all getted in the car and WE WENT HOME!!! YAY!!

Gah! Let the radio do the singing, Man!

Gah! Let the radio do the singing, Man!

Happiest Dawg Ever!

Going home at last! Happiest Dawg Ever!


Well today I herd a skary roomer that Mummy and Daddy is going on a trip! They has pulled out the bokses where clothings go. Oh noes!! I does not like when Mummy and Daddy leaves me!!

But I also notissed sumthang very strange which is that Mummy also bringed out the dawg life vests and the dawg backpack. What would she need them thangs fer?

Anyways I am keepin my mind off this terrible roomer by doing my favrite thang which is of course playing Frisbee!


Mummy Mummy play with me!

Yeeeeesssss thats what I want.

Yeeeeesssss thats what I want.

You gonna throw that or what???

You gonna throw that or what???



Agin pleeze.

Agin pleeze.

Super Boring Week!

Well thank goodness this super boring week is finally over. We had sum sunny warm weather fer a while and it wuz dry enuff that Mummy let us play outsides fer a bit. But other than that we had to stay insides and listen to Mummy say oh no dogs it is too wet to play out there! She sed it over and over and that made this week boring more than anythang else I think.

It turns out Star is very good at yoga. Star praktissed her yoga a little bit when we wuz out in the sun. Here is her downward dawg:


And after that she meditated a little bit:


Well I wuz not too intrested in yoga. I wanted to play play play.



But Mummy jest sed no Dozer it is still too wet. I know it looks like our yard is all grass but reely it is not. There is sum dirt and mud in sum places and I always manage to do a flip right in those places so Mummy doesnt let me run around when it is kinda damp out there.

So in the end me and Star meditated togethers.

This does not mean we are frends though.

This does not mean we are frends though.

PS Happy Valentines Day to everybuddy!