Speshull foodies

Well hi everybuddy! Its bin a wile! No dont wurry I am not ded heh heh. I am jest reely enjoyin my semireetiremint tho I do miss my blog buddys.

Here is wut I have bin doin in my semireetiremint!

Helpin Mummy do her wurk

Star is not halping shes jest in it fer the cookys

Makin a big mess with my stuffy pig

Makin a big mess with my stuffy dino and rollin in it

Sleepin in my stuffy dino fuzz

Ooo I thinks I getted sum stuffy in my ear

Diskoverin wut is inside my Kong Wubba. It wuz a jiant tennis ball!

Well it has not bin all fun and games in my semireetiremint! A very bad thang happined to me too. It wuz ALERJEES and a NEW STAFF infekshun!!! Aieeeeeee!

Mummy taked me to a new doktor wut knows a lot about alerjees. That doktor gived me lots of medisin to take. And then she sed Dozer you gets to have sum speshull foodies fer a wile!!

At furst I wuz reely egsited to git sum speshull foodies. Hahaha in yer face Star I am speshull!!!

I see ghosts. That's special too.

Well it terned out the foodies wuz reely reely yukky! It wuz stinky and it tasted sooo bads.

Ugh this foodies is yukky!!!

I did not want to eat it. I wanted to eat Stars yummy foodies wich wuz my old foodies. But Mummy sed Im sorry Dozer but you cannot eat ennythang else but this speshull foodies!

So I did not eat ennythang at all fer lots of days. Then Mummy sed Dozer I wuz hoping you would eat yer food but now I must play durty! And she played a mind trik on me and I am ashamed to say it werked.

Furst she sed hay Star come here and git sum foodies!

Well I may not like this foodies but that shore dont meen Im gonna give it to Star no way no how.

No Star you may not eat my yukky yukky foodies!


Wut the hey ho?!?!?! Thats MY foodies!!!

Scuse me Star but NO that is MINE!

Ugh nom nom nom so gross nom nom nom

Wutever it takes to keeps Star frum gettin MY food!

OK I gots this Mummy Ill take it frum here.

Ah, poop, he's eating it all.

OK done! None fer Star ha ha ha!!!

Well Mummy sed ok good job Dozer but I does not want to sit here and make you jellus every meeltime so I am gonna think up a better way.

So nekst meeltime gess wut!?! I getted punkin in my foodies!! Punkin is jest the yummyest thang ever and Mummy sed the doktor sed it wuz okay fer me. My foodies smelled good insted of yukky so I eated it all.

Punkin mmmmm yeah!!!

Punkin makes it all betters.

Even Star getted punkin in her foodies wich I think is not fare cause she has yummy foodies alreddy.

Stars bowl likking tekneek

So ennyway thats wut I have bin doing in my semireetiremint!

Coming soon is my burthday and I will be TEN yeers old wich is a very distinguished age if I does say so myselfs. Mummy sez this is a big burthday fer me so she is gonna throw me a party wich will be my very furst party ever! But she sez I will not git enny treets cause of my alerjees! Well wut kind of party is it without spesull treets?!?

Hay everybuddy I hopes you have a HAPPY HOWLOWEEN!!!


Happy Noo Yeer and My Semi Retyrmint

Well hi folks geeze its bin a wile and Daddy finally tolled Mummy hey Mummy you need to halp Dozer with his blog or folks is gonna think he dyed or sumthang.

Ha ha well no I didnt dye my furs is still nice and wite. But there haz bin lots and lots of trips to the v-e-t.

Furst there wuz a noo staff infekshun. You kno they jest dont make staffs the way they yused to! I fired the last staff and I hads to fire this wun too.

Then wile my staff wuz packing up there desks I getted sumthang even wurse. HIVES!! I getted hives everyware. However there wuz no bees living in these hives. Wich wuz a good thang cause Mummy would not pet me if I had bees on me.

Staff infekshun plus hives ekwals itchy itchy itchy

Staff infekshun plus hives ekwals sad Dozer.

Then I gess that operashun way back in Joon wuz not good enuff fer Mummy cause wun day rite before the day Crismus wich I luv cause I gets lots of treets we went to a speshul v-e-t that I hads never bin to before and then I woke up and look wut happened!!

I wuz literaly in stiches!

I wuz literaly in stiches!

Yes folks I had surjery AGIN!! It is cause I had sumthang called a meniskus tare. Also I had a lump on my sholder there and you kin see it wuz stolen wile I wuz having this surjery to fix my meniskus!

Mummy sez the surjery is my Crismus present and I getted the most ekspensive present of everybuddy so I shuld feel reel lucky. All I gots to say bout that is wut present?? The v-e-t took my meniskus and my lump and he even taked a plate wut wuz in my leg from the last surjery and all I getted wuz sum lousy stiches and anuther coupul weeks waring a Cone!!!

And bein stuk in the howse with Star. Ugh.

And bein stuk in the howse with Star. Ugh.

The v-e-t has tolled Mummy that even tho I have had these surjerys on my leggy I mite hurt my leggy agin if I am not carefull. Well everybuddy knows I am Very Good but never carefull! I am not even shore wut that wurd meens.

But Mummy sez it meens I am not allowed to play ball outsides or play ruff with my toys very much ennymore. She sez I am too old and I gotta slow down.

So I am gonna semi-retyre my blog and give Mummy a little brake. However I am wishing she will not have a job fer too long so she will git back to my blog soon.

Now here is a happy wish fer you wich is

Happy Noo Yeer!!

frum yer pals Dozer and Star

Argh! Anuther Foster Dawg!

Well good gravee I am beginning to thinks that Mummy has sum sort of brane problem! No sooner does she sware off fostering cause of all her werk then she brings home this sorry lookin thang.

It is a gurl baby dawg that smells awfull jest like Dubby smelld awfull. Thats rite this dawg has The Manje!! Dont wurry it is the kind of manje that me and Star cannot get called demodeks.

Rosie wich iz this baby dawg iz obveeusly not all bawld like Dubby wuz but she iz way more skratchee. She skratches all the time and she haz to take lots and lots of medisin.

Mummy sez this is jest fer a very short wile cause Rosie iz a dawg wut iz called a Bawstun Terryer and unlike us pit bull dawgs they iz not reel commun in reskue howses and there iz a wating list fer reskue Bawstun Terryers. So Rosie will be gawn soon before she kin take away Mummys hart.

In uther nooz I have jest started takin alerjee shots!

I have so menny alerjees that I must take two shots at a time. But dont wurry it duznt hert.

I wuz a little bit nurvus at furst.

I wuz a little bit nurvus at furst.

Daddy gived me the shot! Mummy wuz too skeered to do it.

Wut you iz dun alreddy?? Well that wuznt so bad.

Dun alreddy?? Well that wuznt so bad!

OK well Mummy sez she haves to go hurry bak to wurk so I gess that is all frum me fer a wile. But dont wurry I will makes Mummy halp me with my blog soon cause it is my burthday very very soon!!

Pee Ess Happy Turkey Day everybuddy!!