Whar is Rosie?

Well folks as you may or may not remember (cause who cares bout foster dawgs reely?) we had an awful mangey foster dawg named Rosie here fer jest a little bit in last winter time.

Rosie wuz adopted in jest a few weeks wich is like a rekord fer a mangey dawg but Mummy sed it is cause Rosie is not a pit bull. Rosie is a Boston Terror wich is related to a pit bull but very small and fer sum reeson peeple like Boston Terrors much more.

Anyways this is wut Rosie looked like wen we started to foster her. Icky icky icky.

And then Rosie getted a new Mummy and Daddy and a little wile ago they sended us this pitcher of Rosie. They luv her soooo much wich is good cause I dont want her back thanks ennyway.

Hay Rosie lookin good!! And good riddance!!

I am happy cause we have no foster dawgs rite now and it is kwiet here. I am shore it wont be long before we git anuther wun tho. Now that Mummy has leaved her job I have catched her scanning the list of fosterabull dawgs a lot. Noooooo!!!! Go git yer job back Mummy!!!

Reed my lips NO NEW FOSTER DAWGS!!!


17 Responses

  1. We hearded you very loud and clear Dozer. We hopes yer mummy is listenin.

    Bobo and Meja

    (not to bring up bad things but how’s Star?)

  2. Rosie looks so happy and healthy! Dozer, you should be very proud of the part you played in helping her!

  3. Dozer, you are all kinds of funny!

  4. so glad rosie is so much better. You are a great foster brother Doz ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’ve missed you Dozer. You have a very good view of the world. Glad you have a little time to blog

  6. Hi Dozer – that’s great to hear about Rosie’s Happy Ending story! ๐Ÿ™‚ And I like your new quilt in the last post!

    Honey the Great Dane

  7. Rosie looks fantastic, but I know you are enjoying your special time with no foster doggies.


  8. Hey Dozer! Whar is Sweat Pea??

    • Hi Kirsten well wut a good kweshun!

      Sweet Pea wuz adopted on the furst day that she went to an adopshun site! But Mummy does not know nuthing bout who adopted her. That wuz sumthang that the adopshun groop handulled.

      A lots of peeple adopt but they does not never rite or send pitchers later. It is a littul sad cause sumtimes fosters like to see whar them dawgs is now! Mummy makes shore to rite my foster and Stars shelter wunce in a wile to tell them wut Good Dawgs we is.

      Yer pal Dozer

      • That is nice….I send updates on my doggies cuz I know I would like to know that they are being taken care of and doing well. Glad to see you back bloggin Dozer!

  9. Dozer! We also are hoping you don’t get a cute girl foster dawg, cuz we might be a little jealous. Glad you are back, you are posting more than we are these days!

  10. At least yur mummy gives your foster dawgs to new mummies and daddies! My foster brudder is now my REEL brudder!

  11. Wow does she look gorgeous. I love these happy ending adoption stories…

  12. Hi Dozer! I was just wondering, where is this teksus-thing? Is it far from me here in Sweden? I am sure glad that the little doggie Rosie got her coat back and stopped being all icky. Maybe I can give some of my coay if she needs more? I kinda have a lot. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ll come back soon, you are such a funny guy!

    /Cerberus the Cool

    • Hi Cerberus! Well being a dawg I am not too shore how far Teksus is frum Sweden but Mummy sez yes it is very very far away. A lot of peeple thinks Teksus is a land of cowboys wut walk around with lassos and guns and have drinks in saloons. But that is a big mith. In fakt the cowboys drinks in places called bars.

      I liked yer collage pitcher about Sweden. I larned a lot about yer very nice kountry! Mebbe I should do wun of them about Teksus.

      Yer pal Dozer

  13. Have you considered making your mom sign a pledge to that effect?

  14. Hi Dozer
    We are glad you are back and that Rosie has a new home too. She looks a little bit like Mrs Magoo did when she came to live with us. She was missing lots of fur cos she needed a big feed. Good to hear you have Mums attention these days but I’ll bet you’re a good foster brother anyway. Don’t worry we won’t let your secret out.

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