My New Blanky

Well hi there everybuddy its bin a wile! Mummy has not bin home very much lately. Daddy sez Mummy is halping my Granpaw with sumthang importent. I hope it is not his blog! Mummy is sposed to halp ME with MY blog!!

But wun day Mummy bringed home a speshull suprize jest fer me!! Dang!! Lookit wut I getted!

Mummy called it a baby kwilt. Hey I am not a baby!!

Mummy sed hay Dozer I maked this myself so do not tare it up okay?

Okay okay I will not tare it up. But I luv it soooo much I thinks I will give it sum luv nibbuls.

Nom nom nom

Mmmm it smells like my Mummy!!

Then Mummy sed Dozer it taked me a munth to make that thang so stop chewing on it!!

Wut? I herd sumwun say treet. Did you sez treet?

Well Mummy insisted she did not say the werd treet but I am purty shore I herd it. Anyways I will have lots and lots of time to nibbul on my blanky wen Mummy goes back to Granpaws howse tomorrow.

She sez it will jest be wun more week and then she will be home and have sum time fer me and my blog. Wich is good cause I miss my blog pals!!

Oh yeah Pee Ess Happy Forth of July everybuddy!!

Kin you jest turn the uther way so I kin nibbul this thang sum more?


8 Responses

  1. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay if it is yores why can yoo not nibbel it??? i am confyoozd!!! ok bye

  2. you are so cute with your blanket!

  3. Howdy Dozer!!

    We have missed you!

    Your new blanket is beautiful!

    We hope you and Star are doing well. Hope you mom gets some time to relax soon!

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  4. Oh Dozer! Don’t worry, my heart belongs to you and only you!!! I hope that new blankie your mom made is not the exploding type that we always seem to have here. We will be so happy when you are back and can blog some more! We are sending get well wishes to your grampie!

  5. I was so happy to see that you posted again Dozer! I love your blog (and your blankie!).

  6. Your mom must love you an awful lot to create such a work of art for you!! It brings out your handsomeness even more!!

  7. Welcome Back Dozer! You know, your blog was my introduction into the Blog World…you started my obsession and thanks to you and your mummy, I get to read some wonderful doggie blogs, Honey’s is also one of my faves.

    Tell you mummy I miss her blog and the chicken’s blogs too!

  8. Dozer, my man! Where have you been! Dude! Your Blanky sure looks nice. Your mom is so cool!

    My mom has been way too busy staring at that stupid box on the table.

    Your friend Quizz!

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