Reel Eggs

Well today I lerned sumthang noo and so did Mummy.

I lerned that sumtimes an egg is not reely an egg. And Mummy lerned that I will eat ennythang wut looks like an egg.

Here I wuz jest enjoying a nice fine day outsides wile Mummy cleened the chikkin howse and Star did wutever dum thang Star does.

Ah wut a loverly day.

And then JAKPOT! I finded sum yummy yummy chikkin eggs on the grownd!!

Mummy sez Wut iz you doing over thar Dozer? in 3... 2... 1...

Natcherally its finders keepers round these parts so I finded and I keeped these delishuss eggs!

That is until Mummy sed hay wate a sekund ware are those fake eggs frum the chikkin howse?!?

She did not beleeve me wen I sed oh hay Mummy I jest finded them like this.

Mebbe there are sum bigger holes on the uther side. Mebbe not. I aint sayin.

I meen everybuddy noes baby chikkins come out of the eggs throo them little holes. Dont aks me ware them baby chikkins is. That is a mistery of life!

Now being a dawg I cannot reed but I did aks them chikkins wut is writed on the eggs.

WELL!!! If they sez REEL EGG on them wut wuz I sposed to think they wuz?!?

I am purty shore I have a very good lawsoot here cause that is called Falls Advertizing!!!

Dozer, you dummy, they didn't even smell like real eggs.


9 Responses

  1. what a mean tricky, real egg/fake egg 😦

  2. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay this is sum leftover trickery perpetrayted by the eester bunny i bet!!! ok bye

  3. That was really confusing. Were they real eggs or not and if not why did they looks like real eggs and did you eat them or just nommy on them? Your world is complex.


  4. How very confusing Dozer….We don’t blame you for thinking they were real eggs!


  5. Oh Dozer! You know eggs are for breakfast, with bacon, mmmm bacon. Any how how are you! I miss you my BPBFF!

  6. Hi Dozer friend! I know the names of some good lawyers if you decide to sue for false advertisement.

  7. Dozere u r too funny, i love it!! Lawsuit all the way!

  8. Dozer,
    I wanted yoo to know that I luv yur blog!

  9. Poor Dozer, they surely confused you!
    But… did you try to paw them to see what was inside?
    Ciao Lucille

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