NOOO!!! SNOW!!! Plus sum pitchers frum the 2004 snow!

Well folks yesterday wuz a teribull day fer me cause we had SNOW! This is the furst time in a zillion yeers that we have had snow. Mummy camed home frum werk early yesterday and she werked at home cause of the snow. She sez that that is cause in Teksus nobuddy knows how to drive in snow.

It wuz the furst time Star and Sweet Pea had ever seed snow before.

OMG YUM!!! Oh no wait a second what are you giving me?

 I have seed snow before so this is my sekund time seeing it and I do not think it is a big deel.

Ppftht I duz not like snow.

But yes we had to stand around and hyumur Mummy wile she taked pitchers and throwed balls of snow at us. I did not chase the snow cause I knowed it wuz not a reel ball. But Star who is very very stoopid chased the snowball every singul time hahahaha!!!

After a wile the snow started going away. That is cause this is Teksus.

Then at long last Mummy sed we must go insides cause everythang wuz gettin all wet and muddy.

My favrite part of the day wuz this part.

Space heeter fer the win!!!

Now here is a very very speshul treet fer you. It is sum old pitchers of the last time it snowed here in Teksus where I live!!!

Mummy sez this day wuz called Febuary 14 2004 so I wuz only three yeers old! This is the furst time I ever seed snow. It wuz in the middul of the nite and all the naybors wuz outsides playing in the snow fer sum crazy reesun.

I tryed to eskape the snow by jumping out of it but I could not git out of it!

Then I tryed to eskape by running away but I could not run away ether!

Old Lady Dawg jest stood there and did not move.

Interestingly Mummy and Daddy had bringed home a foster baby dawg this time wen it snowed too.

Foster baby dawg Puppy also seed snow fer the furst time.

I tasted the snow a little bit and it wuz cold and yukky.

You kin see in these pitchers that there wuz green grass everywheres under the snow. That is cause it wuz nice warm Teksus wether before it snowed and we thinked it wuz gonna be spring time soon! Also this snow melted away jest as fast as yesterdays snow. It wuz gone by the next day.

Yep we dont git snow very ofen but wen we do it shore is a BIG DEEL!


14 Responses

  1. wow that is a big deal! You were very calm and collected Dozer 🙂

  2. So snow brings foster doggies. That is most curious. Watch out for the snowballs in the face. I think the humans are quite simple minded about those things.


  3. Hi Dozer, my Mama didn’t get home until after the snow was over so we didn’t really get to see it. That last snow was right before I came to live with Mama and Daddy, but it was Bilbo’s first snow. He was also “not amused” by it!

    Hard to believe it was in the 70’s last Sunday….sheesh


  4. Nice! You’ll be glad to have these pics to remember – because it may be a long time before you see that again!

  5. Hey Dozer,
    My mom says your mom is right that no one knows how to drive in that white stuff in Texas and they all freak out and drove like crazies, which isn’t that different than non-snow days, just worse.
    Glad your mom was able to avoid some of those crazies…hopefully it’ll get warm for you again, it’s so cold up here still.

  6. You got snow!!!!! I love snow. But according to my mom people in Virginia don’t know how to drive in snow neither!

    Sweet Pea sure looks could. He needs his fur back.

    Hope you all are warm now.

    Your Friend Quizz

  7. Melt my heart the picture with Dozers tongue hanging out…agh so cute! Great pictures looks like everyone had fun 🙂

  8. the snow is like camo for you dozer.

  9. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmmm i thawt evrything wuz suppozd to be bigger in teksas but i gess that duznt apply to snowfall ha ha ok bye

  10. Hi Dozer! You look so cute sticking your tongue out! Thats cool that you have seen snow twice and got to play in it! thats 2 more times than I have!! Looks like that baby foster dawg is still hanging around, maybe it will find a home when it grows some hair!

  11. Snow seems to be so much fun! My mom is in Germany at the moment having lots of it and I’m in Sydney and it is too hot to do anything 😦 I have never seem it only on pics!
    Sweet Pea is such a cute dog! Is that fur growing back on him?! He already looks so much better. But he must have been cold in the snow…
    Slobbers Teal’c

  12. Oh, how we’ve missed Dozer-speak. You guys wouldn’t have known what to do with yourselves here in Oh-hi-O. We had 2 feet of snow in a week!

  13. Oh my Dozer, that’s exciting! What a nice treat to see some old pics too 🙂

  14. Yes, this winter – and spring – has given us snow everywhere. A whole new experience for lots of dogs 😉

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