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The Day of Luv is Coming Up!

Well hi everybuddy its bin a wile sorry bout that but Mummy is still bizzy as a bee mmmm bees…

Sinse my full recuvuree frum surguree I am not playing too much but I git lots of sleep! Look here I am in my favrite chare! With my evel roommate who is like my shadow I cannot git rid of her.

Yes there arent too menny pitchers of me lately cause all I do is sleep sleep sleep and Mummy sez its cause I am an old dawg. Hey Mummy I am not old I am jest youthfully challenjed!!

Here is anuther pitcher of me looking goofy. Mummy kept saying treet treet treet over and over and that always makes me happy doesnt it make you happy too?!?!

Yes yes treet I heered you the furst time Mummy!

And lookit this other thang wut has happened recently. Mummy has LOOSED HER MIND I TELLS YA!!!

Its a rat... its a deer... OMG NO ITS A FOSTER DAWG ARRRGGH!!!!

Closeup of hideus uglee foster baby dawg

Yes jest wen I thinked thangs wuz going good Mummy bringed home ANUTHER mangey stinky uglee thang. This time it is a gurl baby dawg and at furst it wuz very sick and I was ok with that cause it jest sleeped all the time. But now it is feeling BETTER wich is BAD cause now all it wants to do is play play play. Me and Star are sposed to be reel nice to it but that is very hard wen it is eating all my toys up!

It is called Sweet Pea but I thinks its reel name is Evel Pea!!

Anyways Mummy sez that Day of Luv is coming up called Valintimes Day!! I am happy cause it makes me think of my gurlfrend Daisy and I am gonna git her a purty gift. I wunder wut I should git her?? Cause dawgs cannot eat choclet!

Hay Star who is you gonna give yer luv fer Valintimes Day?? Star??

WAHAHAHAAH!! Oh man Star git a room!!!

16 Responses

  1. Oh, Dozer, you are so cute! I have a feeling you secretly like “Evil” Pea!

  2. it’s good to see you up and around Dozer. We were missing you!

  3. The new pup sure does look like a deer! Keep getting all the sleep you need! you deserve it 🙂

  4. Well, hay there Dozer!

    I thank that yer Mummy’s brane disseaze must be contagus or somethang, and I thank my Mummy ketched it.

    Yer pal,

  5. Star + Sweet Pea = TRU LUV

  6. Oh Dozer you are back!!!!! We missed you sooooooo much!!! I hope that foster dawg doesn’t fall in love with you too! Glad that your leggie is all healed, all my kongs have disappeared too. I am not allowed to jump around, just go on nice walkies. Yes Valentines Day is very near!

  7. Dozer we have missed u!!! So glad to see you are feeling healthy and looking adorabull as always!! I’m thinking that foster dog is the cutest one yet!!

  8. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay nice to heer frum yoo agin!!! i see yore mama has fosterd anuther dog that is verry nice of yoo!!! and dont pik on star too mutch their is nuthing rong with an alternativ lifestile or so i am told!!! ok bye

  9. Glad you’re back Dozer! I know how you feel about annoying shadows, Lola is mine.
    Hugs and Tail Wags,

  10. Yeah! Dozer and Star are back! With a new friend! Mom thought it was Star in the first picture and wondered what had happened.

    At least Star isn’t running from this one like she did from Dubby. Sweet Pea does look cute, I can’t wait to see what she looks like when she gets better.

    Your friend Quizz (& his Mom)

  11. Yea!! Mom and I are so happy you are back! You got a new foster sister, I got a new daddy! Lots has happened.

    Glad your leg is feeling better and there is nothing wrong with lots of sleeping! ;o)

  12. Hi Dozer, I’m sorry about your newest foster sibling. I hate it when my foster siblings want to play while I am trying to sleep. The doggies who are there first should get to sleep in peace!

    Your doggie friend,

  13. Hi Dozer – I love that picture of you and Star sleeping together – so sweet! And i have to say, you don’t look like an “old dawg” at all! How could your human say that??!!

    Sweet Pea is so pretty! She has the most unusual markings on her back. Aw…I think she isn’t so bad – but I do think you and Star are very good to – ahem – welcome so many canine visitors to your house all the time!

    Honey the Great Dane

  14. Don’t worry, Evil Pea will not be there for long, but it must be hard to be patient with a teenager in the house.

    Nothing wrong with extended meditation time, I should know. It helps your brain work better. Heck, I don’t even get up when momma says cookie sometimes so you are more spry than me.


  15. Hi Dozer! We had to go on a break too, because my computer was broken. I’m so glad to see that you and your roommate are doing well though. I hope you get better fast from your surgeries and have a great Valentine’s day with Daisy!!

    ❤ S and D

  16. Ohhh – you are back!!! Great! And don’t be so hard on the puppy… I was kinda hairless when my hoomans rescued me and rather annoying as well 🙂
    I hope the little one gets better soon.

    Slobbers Teal’c

    PS: don’t let anyone tell you that you are old! You look great!

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