Happy Noo Yeer and My Semi Retyrmint

Well hi folks geeze its bin a wile and Daddy finally tolled Mummy hey Mummy you need to halp Dozer with his blog or folks is gonna think he dyed or sumthang.

Ha ha well no I didnt dye my furs is still nice and wite. But there haz bin lots and lots of trips to the v-e-t.

Furst there wuz a noo staff infekshun. You kno they jest dont make staffs the way they yused to! I fired the last staff and I hads to fire this wun too.

Then wile my staff wuz packing up there desks I getted sumthang even wurse. HIVES!! I getted hives everyware. However there wuz no bees living in these hives. Wich wuz a good thang cause Mummy would not pet me if I had bees on me.

Staff infekshun plus hives ekwals itchy itchy itchy

Staff infekshun plus hives ekwals sad Dozer.

Then I gess that operashun way back in Joon wuz not good enuff fer Mummy cause wun day rite before the day Crismus wich I luv cause I gets lots of treets we went to a speshul v-e-t that I hads never bin to before and then I woke up and look wut happened!!

I wuz literaly in stiches!

I wuz literaly in stiches!

Yes folks I had surjery AGIN!! It is cause I had sumthang called a meniskus tare. Also I had a lump on my sholder there and you kin see it wuz stolen wile I wuz having this surjery to fix my meniskus!

Mummy sez the surjery is my Crismus present and I getted the most ekspensive present of everybuddy so I shuld feel reel lucky. All I gots to say bout that is wut present?? The v-e-t took my meniskus and my lump and he even taked a plate wut wuz in my leg from the last surjery and all I getted wuz sum lousy stiches and anuther coupul weeks waring a Cone!!!

And bein stuk in the howse with Star. Ugh.

And bein stuk in the howse with Star. Ugh.

The v-e-t has tolled Mummy that even tho I have had these surjerys on my leggy I mite hurt my leggy agin if I am not carefull. Well everybuddy knows I am Very Good but never carefull! I am not even shore wut that wurd meens.

But Mummy sez it meens I am not allowed to play ball outsides or play ruff with my toys very much ennymore. She sez I am too old and I gotta slow down.

So I am gonna semi-retyre my blog and give Mummy a little brake. However I am wishing she will not have a job fer too long so she will git back to my blog soon.

Now here is a happy wish fer you wich is

Happy Noo Yeer!!

frum yer pals Dozer and Star


22 Responses

  1. Well, there yoo are Dozer. I have been wundering ware yoo have been.

    Take it eezy in yer semi-retiremint so yoo don’t hurt yer leggy agin.

    And bee shore to check in wunce in a wile so that we don’t get too wurried abowt yoo.

    Yer pal,

    P.S. My Mummy wuz wundering if yoo could ask yer Mummy wut kind of allergee tests the v-e-t did fer yoo.

  2. Happy New Year. At least when they shave you, you don’t look too silly! I hope you heal soon

  3. Oh, Dozer! You’ve had a rough time of it lately! But you seem to have a good attitude.

    Good luck healing your boo-boos and let us know how you are doing.

    Yer pals,
    Sketcher and Angel

  4. Well we wishes you much better luck with yer leggie and allergies in the Noo Year. And no more stitches!

    As a matter of fact we wish that fer me too – Bobo

    Happy New Year!!!

    Bobo and Meja and Mommy

  5. Happy new year to you and star too!!! We’ll be hoping ur mummy doesnt have a jo too long either because I really like to read the blog of a dog that says things like “dang” hheeheee 🙂 I hope you feel better Dozer!! xoxo

  6. Happy New Year to you and your family! We hope you start to feel better very soon and that we will still hear from you occasionally!
    Hugs and Tail Wags,

  7. Happy New Year Dozer! Hopefully 2010 is a bit easier for you! Happy new Year star – you are so pretty!

  8. Dozer, you have had a rough time! I am wish for you a very happy and most of all healthy 2010!

  9. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is verry unkool that the vet stole all yore stuf and didnt giv yoo ennything for it!!! yoo shud at leest git treets or sumthing!!! i hope yoo dont stay hemidemisemireetired for too long on akkownt of i wil miss seeing yoo arownd!!! ok bye

  10. That V-E-T sure likes to mess about with your insides. You look like rough trade for sure with all your stitches and scars. Guess you will need to read and watch movies for a while.

    Great to see you again.


  11. We hope that your New Year is full of treats and HEALTHY health Dozer! We hope you get better very soon!!


  12. Oh Dozer we have missed you!!! It looks like you have had a hard time with your leg 😦 I am sad that you will be semi-retired since I really like seeing you! My leggy is all better, but I am not allowed to play kong ball any more 😦

    Happy New Year and please let me know how you are doing ok? Love, Daisy

  13. Feel better and happy 2010!!

  14. Happy New Year Dozer and Star!!

    Dozer we sure hope you start feeling better soon.

    Star, be extra nice to Dozer ok 🙂

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  15. Oh Dozer!! What an awful time you have been having!! I almost couldn’t bear to look at that picture of you with all your stitches…! (shudder) You poor, poor thing – and now you can’t play ball anymore! Ohhhhh! I think I would die if someone told me that – I LOVE playing ball more than anything else! But I am also getting on (us Danes only live to about 8yrs on average and I’m 6 now!) so I know what you mean about needing to take things a bit easier. And my human, Hsin-Yi, gets really nasty hives when she is feeling stressy (so she has been getting them every other day for the last couple of months! She is constantly taking these anti-histamine pills). – so we can really sympathise with your skin condition too!

    Hope you are feeling better and all recovered soon.

    Honey the Great Dane

  16. Hi Dozer!!! I am a “lurker” on your blog, I jus luv to read it and see your smilin face. i am so very sorry u had to have more surgery, i was getting worried bout u. I will jus hav to read old posts to see yer smilin face. Please gets better soon, k?

    From your friends in Baltimore MD
    Diane, Dave and Indy “Bones” Taylor (a 1 yr old choco lab)

  17. Oh No Dozer! I will miss your wise advice. My Mom says that you have many lessons to teach me. I’m sorry that you turned into a polka-dot. That is not fun.

    We are sending you lots of healing energy and get well from Richmond!

    Your Friend Quizz (and his Mom and Charlie, The Cat too!)

  18. PS. Will Star be Posting anything? I surely miss her pretty face.

    • Purty?? Hahaha yer funny! I thinks Star mite post a little bit but she is not doin too much lately cause Mummy has bin too bizzy to do much more but wok her wunce in a wile. She is not even doin ajilitee rite now.

  19. Hi Dozer – you poor thing!!! That doesn’t look good 😦 We wish you all the best for 2010 and I think too that it is not fair from the v-e-t to take all that stuff and not give you anything!!!
    We hope you will get better soon!!
    Slobbers from Sydney,

  20. Dozer, I’m sorry I’m just now posting this but mom was busy with her silly wedding and leaving the country abandoning me for a week on some silly trip called a honeymoon. We surely are going to miss you!! And hope your allergies get better!!

  21. Hey Dozer – we sure are missing you! Hoping things are going well for you!

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