Argh! Anuther Foster Dawg!

Well good gravee I am beginning to thinks that Mummy has sum sort of brane problem! No sooner does she sware off fostering cause of all her werk then she brings home this sorry lookin thang.

It is a gurl baby dawg that smells awfull jest like Dubby smelld awfull. Thats rite this dawg has The Manje!! Dont wurry it is the kind of manje that me and Star cannot get called demodeks.

Rosie wich iz this baby dawg iz obveeusly not all bawld like Dubby wuz but she iz way more skratchee. She skratches all the time and she haz to take lots and lots of medisin.

Mummy sez this is jest fer a very short wile cause Rosie iz a dawg wut iz called a Bawstun Terryer and unlike us pit bull dawgs they iz not reel commun in reskue howses and there iz a wating list fer reskue Bawstun Terryers. So Rosie will be gawn soon before she kin take away Mummys hart.

In uther nooz I have jest started takin alerjee shots!

I have so menny alerjees that I must take two shots at a time. But dont wurry it duznt hert.

I wuz a little bit nurvus at furst.

I wuz a little bit nurvus at furst.

Daddy gived me the shot! Mummy wuz too skeered to do it.

Wut you iz dun alreddy?? Well that wuznt so bad.

Dun alreddy?? Well that wuznt so bad!

OK well Mummy sez she haves to go hurry bak to wurk so I gess that is all frum me fer a wile. But dont wurry I will makes Mummy halp me with my blog soon cause it is my burthday very very soon!!

Pee Ess Happy Turkey Day everybuddy!!


16 Responses

  1. Well, Dozer. Your house sure looks full! Rosie looks really itchy. I sure hope she feels better soon.

    You looked really brave taking your shot. I hope that you got a reward for being so good.

    Your Friend Quizz

  2. Aww Rosie is a cutie, cutie!! And good job taking your shots, I wish Lane took his eye drops as good as you do!

  3. Dear Dozer,

    You are a very brave dog for your shots…and Rosie is very cute and very lucky…

    Your friend Sadie Mae

  4. You are very brave Dozer…for the new foster dog AND for the shots too!!


  5. Aaaaaackkkk!!!! Needles!!!! Injections!!!! Run away run away run away!!!!

  6. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay do yoo no why dada just ran into the bedrum and is hiding under the bed wimpering sumthing about hypodermik needulz??? ok bye

  7. You are very brave to get your shots. I hope there are cookies involved.

    I feel sorry for that itchy little BT, but she will get better living with Dr. Mom and find a furever home fast.


  8. Dozer, that little Rosie sure is cute even with the mange, I hope your mom can get her feeling better soon. It looks really itchy and almost a little painful!

    You are such a brave boy taking those shots like that! Mom says she couldn’t do them to me either!


  9. Poor Rosie she looks so sad! I am glad the shots dont hurt! Hopefully they will make you feel awesome

  10. Hey, Luda-

    Won of my neybor dawgs is a bawston terrorist. Yer noo foster baby dawg mite not be akting like won now, but yoo jest wate and see wut happens wen she starts feelin better.

    Yer pal,

  11. WOW you have another new little pup in the house. Take real good care of her so she heals up fast, ok.

    You poor thing, Dozer! Taking pills is bad enough, but shots! You are very brave my friend!

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  12. awwww! what a cutttiiiieeee! hope the demodex itching dies down…
    happy turkey day!

  13. hi dozer, i’m a human and i had really really bad allergies and they gave me allergy shots too! they helped me a lot, i hope they help you too! my doggies are not as brave as you about shots.

  14. Oh Dozer not another foster dog!! Well I hope she doesn’t fall in love with you!!! I was getting shots for my allergies for a while too. Mom thinks she needs to start them back up again since I am very itchy.

  15. That is one cute foster dog 🙂 Happy birthday soon Dozer! I hope your allergy shots help!

  16. Hey Dozer! I hope Rosie gets healthy soon so she can go away and leave you in peace. And I hope your allergies feel better!!

    ❤ S and D

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