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Paw It Forward

Well a wile ago my pal Quizz had a Paw It Forward game. The roolz of this are very eazy.

  1. Get a present frum sumone fer Paw It Forward.
  2. Post about it on yer blog.
  3. The furst three peeple or dawgs or wutever who reply to yer Paw It Forward blog post will git a present frum you. It kin be ennythang and doesnt have to be fancy.
  4. Those three peeple or dawgs have to start at number wun.

Now Quizz made a donashun to halp aminals insted of sending me a present and I think that is reel nice. So I am gonna do the same thang!

The furst three peeples or dawgs or wutever who reply to this post will git to choose a place to where Mummy will send munny wurth about $100 each.

There is only two condishuns wich is that yer place must be a place wut is called a Nonprofit, and also that place cannot hate pit bull dawgs like me. But it does not have to be aminal nonprofit it kin be enny kind!

You mite be saying wow $100 times 3 is a billyun gazillyun munnys! Dozer I wuz thinked that yer Mummy wuz broke cause of you and yer vet bills!

Well yes it is troo Mummy is very very broke and I am seeing less treets these days. However she makes a little bit of munny frum her Store and she saves the munny in a speshul place and duz not spend it on ennythang eksept to run her website.

She has a little bit of munny left overs this yeer after paying all her website bills and she sed I should use it fer sumthang good. I tolled her hey Mummy treets are good!! But I dont think she wuz lisening.

2009 11 14 009

Its ok Mummy I still luv you. Here let me halp you fold these blankies.

You may have notissed Mummy is not reely halping me with my blog too much. That is cause she iz started a new job that meens she goes away all day. This is not new fer me cause Mummy used to werk all the times it is only in the last I dunno yeer plus a half that she has bin at home and you will notiss that my blog has only bin going fer a yeer plus a few munths and that is cause she wuz not werking all day.

Now she is away all day and then wen she comes home she does not pay atenshun to me kin you beleeve it?? No she does thangs like werk sum more or sleep or eat peeple foodies or she leeves the howse agin to go sumwhere called a meeting. And of corse as you all knows Daddy is never home cause he werks all day and sumtimes all nite too.

So does you know wut that meens? I am stuck at home alone all day long with my only companyun wich is my EVEL ROOMATE STAR!! NOOOOOOES!!!!

Whatever. You know you love me.

Whatever. You know you love me.


13 Responses

  1. I’m not sure if I understand the rules right but if I can suggest a non profit I would say either the Pitbull rescue from the new show “Pitbulls and Parolees” because it is the largest pittie rescue place in the states! Or DogTown at Best Friends in Utah! I’m pretty sure both of these are non-profit but not sure about the Pitbull rescue…

  2. Paw it Forward Dozer! BAD RAP happens to be my favorite pit bull nonprofit!

  3. OOOOO! Am I in time???? Let me know. My pee mail is backupdogATcomcastDOTnet

    We have a very nice rescue place that just loves pitties. I will tell you all about it.


  4. Okay we haves the winners! PoochesforPeace, Kari, and Mango is the winners!

  5. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay nice to see yoo!!! i am sorry to heer that yore mama has gottin a job my mama has wun too and it is awful!!! at leest she gits the summers off and then i am in my glory ennyway yore mama is verry nice to mayk these donayshuns she is gud peepul all rite!!! ok bye

  6. Oh dear! Your poor humans sound like they’re going through a really tough time! I hope they get a break soon – maybe your human should take a bit of the money to give herself a little treat. It’s very important, you know, when you’re working so hard to treat yourself a little – otherwise, you might just burnt out and get sick. So please tell her that while we really appreciate her generosity and kindness towards others, she really mustn’t forget herself and that she must take care of herself and give to herself too sometimes!

    Honey the Great Dane

  7. HAHAHA! Great spot to nap

  8. What a wonderful thing your Mama is doing Dozer!! Sorry about the job thing that your Mama goes to… Hopefully she is a happier Mama!


  9. Dozer, I know EXACTLY how you feel. Mom leaves the house every morning and say, ‘Be good and nice to Charlie! I have to go earn your kibble.’ Doesn’t she know the kibble is in the closet like always? Silly mom!

    But at least you have Star. And she’s pretty, not like Charlie, the Cat.

    Your Friend Quizz

  10. Oh noes Dozer you can’t be left all alone all day with Star. Poe Baby.

  11. Dozer you need to tell your momma to quit her job, cuz I misses you 😦

  12. Dozer it’s sad your mummy leaves you so much now, but it is probably good that she is working because then she can buy you lots of treats!

    ❤ S and D

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