My Toofy Breaked!

Well jest wen thangs were alreddy going bad wut with my alerjees and my leg owies thangs jest got even wurst! My toofy breaked in two!

I cried and cried all day and Mummy sed Dozer wut on erth is the matter with you?? Is yer leggy hurting or wut? FINALLY she looked in my mouthies and sed oh Dozer yer toofy iz breaked reely bad!!

So I had to go to the v-e-t and I spended the hole day there and they mades me sleepy and then wen I waked up Mummy wuz takin me home and I could not feels my mouthy at all.

Laters after I waked up more Mummy gived me a speshull treet. It wuz yogurt!! Yum yum.


My face wuz still a little bits bluddy.

The bestest part of losing my toofy is that I gets speshull foodys all the times. I get yogurt and wet foodys frum a can and punkin and pees and delishuss stuffs like that!

But fer sum reeson every time I eat afterwards I feel kinda sleepy and then I jest falls asleep. I thinks Mummy is sneeking medisin into my foody.

Look in my mouthy and you kin see I have stitches in my mouthy!!


It wuz my big toofy in the back.

Mummy sez congradulashuns Dozer!! Wut with all the v-e-t visits over the last few yeers I am now wurth as much as a new car! Prolly not a fancy new car but mebbe sumthang like a Kia.


18 Responses

  1. Poor Dozer, it’s always something, isn’t it? Gracie broke a tooth one time chewing on a toy – had to have it pulled. Sounds like it was the same one as you. She is also approaching the cost of a car. Good thing we love our doggies!

  2. Oh noes!! Poor Dozer!!

    We are glad your tooth is all fixed now. And lucky you to get a treat like that!

    Be safe Dozer and give your parents a little break ok sweetie!

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  3. Oh no Dozer! I am so sorry your tooth broke! I hope your Mom keeps giving you lots of special treats (and sleepy medicines aren’t too bad as medicines go)!
    Hugs and Tail Wags,
    Pee. Ess. Helloooo Dozer this is Lola, most awetastyc syster of Dixie the catathing. I is vury sowwy your toofy hurt and breaked! Mommy sayz you is bettur puppy than me since I won’t take medysines in anything! Hopes you feel better sooper soon! -Lola

  4. Dozer Dozer Dozer what in the wurld? How’d you break yer back toothies? Did you get a brick for Halloweens?

    We hope you get ALL better soon so yer momma doesn’t trade you for a new car or somethin.

    Bobo and Meja

  5. Pretty extreme measures just for yummers foodables. Good thing you have that sleepy medicine to help you get better fast. It takes more energy than you might think.

    Your mom really loves you, you know? She takes the most best care of your small self.


  6. Oh, Dozer, I am sorry you got a hurted tooth. I do not like teeths. They cause nothing but problems for everybuddy!

  7. Wow Dozer! How did you break your toothfies! Are you chewing on rocks? I hope you fee better soon. You have had a run of bad luck lately for sure. Love, Daisy dog!

  8. Oh Dozer so sorry about your tooth, but glad you get good foodies! Feel better soon!

    Your friend Sadie Mae

  9. Hay Dozer. I is very sorree about yur toof. I hope you feel bethur reel soon. Enjoy yur yummee F-O-O-D.

  10. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay oh noes not only did yoo brayk a tuth but yore mama is slipping yoo mickeys!!! and not the yummy mowse kind eether!!! i hope yoo feel better soon!!! pee ess yoo ar better then a kia on akkownt of kias spend all there time at the mekaniks gitting fiksd or so i am told wareas yoo go weeks in between visits to the mekanik!!! ok bye

  11. Dozer, ouchie ouchie ouchie! i hope you feel better soon!

  12. Oh my gosh Dozer! You’re luck is just not turning around. Hope you feel better soon. *Head pats*

  13. Wow Dozer, Charlie is a Computa-cat and you are a Kia. I didn’t know that I knew so many Transformers! That is SOOOO Cool!

    Sorry you are on sleepy medicine. I hope you feel better soon.

    Your friend Quizz

    PS – my mom says she’s sending your mom and dad lots and lots of sympathy.

  14. Hey, Dozer-

    Wif all of the tymes yoo hav been rebuilded, yoo shuld bee a bionik dawg by now.

    Yer pal,

  15. Hi Dozer! I’m Teal’c from Sydney…
    You tooth looks really painful!! I hope it is all good now and you are back to chewing bones?!?!?! Slobbers from Down Under 🙂

  16. OH no, poor Dozer!!! How awful! Do you know how you broke your tooth? You poor thing…you’re really falling apart, aren’t you?! 😛

    My human says she knows what you mean about being worth as much as a car…she says I’m probably worth as much as an ocean liner!! 🙂 (and my vet is probably ready to retire now…)

    Hope you’re feeling better soon –

    Honey the Great Dane

  17. Oh no, Dozer! I hope you feel better soon! Although if you keep getting special foodables, then maybe it’s worth it.

    I finally got That Mean Girl to let me visit some of my fur-ends, can you believe it??? We are sorry that you broke your toofer, I would cry, too.

    We really liked the pictures of you as a puppy in that other post. You were really a cutie pie, says The Girl. I think that you have been subjected to far too many invader doggies. Now that Dubby is gone to his fur-ever home, maybe you can have your house and your peoples to yourself. The Girl says that homeless doggies need to have a good place to wait for their fur-ever home, and I am worried that she will bring in some random homeless doggy just to make a point. Anywroo, I hope them foster doggies go someplace else for a change (and not to MY house, either, Girlie!).

    Just wanted to stop in and say WROO!
    Dannan and That Mean Girl

  18. Oh Dozer, your poor mummy. Hope your mouth heals quickly!

    ❤ S and D

    PS This probably means you should stop eating rocks.

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