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Speshull Anounsmints!

Well hi everybuddy gess wut I have not wun but TWO speshull anounsmints today!

The furst anounsmint is that my loverly gurlfrend Daisy the Pink Pit Bull has hired me to be a judge fer her costoom contest!! Thats rite folks at last I am in a posishun of power wa ha ha ha!! So go over to Daisys blog and send her a pitcher or two.

I will warns you now tho that Mummy is sending in a pitcher of Dubby in his bee costoom and it is gonna be so adorabull that yer hed will eksplode and ranebows and kittys and butterflys will come out insted of branes!! Obveeusly I will not vote for that costoom because it would be a conflikt of intrest and also cause I dont like Dubby. But I thinks the other judges will find Dubby very hard to resist.

Here is Dubby at kyuteness level 5 wich is without the bee costoom so you kin imajine how awfully teribly kyute he is with it on.

Here is Dubby at kyuteness level 5 wich is without the bee costoom so you kin imajine how awfully teribly kyute he is with it on.

Now I am a very onest judge and I will not aksept bribes however if you want to send me sum bribes ennyways you can male them to–wut? Oh Mummy is giving me the evel eye so I thinks I better muv on to the nekst anounsmint.

The nekst anounsmint is fer my Mummy so it is more of a publik serviss anounsmint. If you remember a few days ago I sed that there wuz a speshull event coming up at the end of the munth that Mummy wuz working on. Well now I will tell you wut it is! It is

National Pit Bull Awareness Day 2009!

This guy is John Garcia.

This guy is John Garcia.

If you is gonna be neer Austin Teksus on October 24 and 25 then you is invited to come to Love-A-Bull’s Family Fun Weekend to selebrate National Pit Bull Awareness Day. They is gonna have lots of fun and games and prizes and also a very famus celebritee in the dawg wurld named John Garcia! You kin aparently find out more about this event here: www.love-a-bull.org

Mummy is gonna be there and be skware cause she is on the board and she is helping jest a bit to arange this event. And she will be volunteering for these days too!

Mummy sez if Dubby is not adopted yet then she is gonna bring Dubby, and if he is adopted then she will bring Star. I am very glad she is not gonna bring me cause I do NOT like leeving the howse much less to be in a big crowd with a zillion peeple and even much less to be in a big crowd with lots of other dawgs. No I will jest stay home and play with my Kong ball thanks you very much!!

So ennyways if you are in the area pleeze come say hi to Mummy!!

Did you say KONG BALL???

Did you say KONG BALL???


14 Responses

  1. Oh Dozer, your announcement is just what mom and I thought it was going to be!! My mom says if she wasn’t tied up with some silly marriage prep retreat that weekend she would come just so she could meet Dubby and/or Star and to shake your mom’s hand for doing such wonderful things for pit bulls. She says Austin’s a pretty cool town and would love a great excuse to come down and celebrate pit bulls.

    Good luck with everything and we hope to see lots and lots of pictures!!


    P.S. You are going to be a great judge! Just don’t let Daisy’s beauty distract you from the entrants!!

  2. If you gave me that pouty look, Dozer, I’d give you anything. I’m a sucker for the pout. Which Bobo and Meja know and use to their advantage.

    Devil dogs!!!

  3. Dozer! You will be a most excellent judge for sure. If you send me some foodables I promise not to vote for Dubby either.


  4. Dubby is adorable and I am sure he will make a cute bee. So I read your post on Daisy’s blog… so if I were to send a kong stuffed with treats I could win?

  5. My Mom says Dubby HAS Been taking Adorabul lessons from Dozer! She’s still muttering about getting him to Richmond, but Grandma said that Mom and me would have to move. sigh.

    So, we’ll hope that Dubby gets the bestest of family’s.

    Your Friends,
    Quizz & Charlie, the Cat

  6. Aw, I wish we COULD come to Austin to see your human – my human would really love to meet her!!

  7. You are going to be a wonderful judge Dozer!

    Dubby is sooo sweet in that costume too!

    That event looks like tons of fun!

    Chasing my tale…
    Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

  8. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes dubby is kyoot all rite espeshly wen he is dressd up like a bee and sez ayyyyy no es bwayno ha ha that kraks me up and — wot??? oh dada sez i am thinking of the bee guy frum the simpsons wel ennyway bee guys is kyoot too but not as kyoot as dubby!!! ok bye

  9. Dozer and Jennifer, We wish we lived closer to Texas and we would come and volunteer all weekend and help with the Pit Bull Awareness Day!!! But we will be thinking of you that weekend and hope for lots of donations and adoptions!

  10. I am so glad to hear that bribes are accepted! šŸ˜‰

  11. I just found this one!! I can’t beleive I didnt know you had one Dozer!

  12. Dpxer you are such a handsome boy – mommy is sending the pic of woodrow in his bee costume too – he is very upset about it

    Woodrow – Sweetie – MJ

  13. Wee iz shure woo iz rite abowt da puddle of kyootness. Wee iz typing fur mommee cuz she iz a puddle of goo rite now.

    Gus and Waldo

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