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Werk is Not Fun

Well hi everybuddy I bet you iz thinkin WOW Dozer you bin gone fer kwite a wile!

Yes it is troo but let me tell you it is not my falt. Mummy haz bin werking a bit too much. Isnt that jest silly? Everybuddy knows werk is fer suckers. Eksept Mummy aparently.

Hey Mummy! Werk is fer suckers!!!

Hey Mummy! Werk is fer suckers!!!

But hey dont worry there has bin nuthin real fun goin on.

Sleepin in my I mean Stars crate

Sleepin in my I mean Stars crate

Sleepin in my chare

Sleepin in my chare

Sleepin with Daddy in my chare. We are almost 400 pounds altogether so Mummy sed she thinked it wuz a mirakle that my chare did not brake.

Sleepin with Daddy in my chare. We are almost 400 pounds altogether so Mummy sed she thinked it wuz a mirakle that my chare did not brake.

Sleeping in a dog pile

Sleepin in a dawg pile

Yep there has jest bin lots of sleepin goin on.

Mummy sez she kin halp me blog fer a wile but then it will be reel bizzy agin at the end of the munth. This is because of a speshull event that Mummy is halping with! I will tells you more bout that in a wile okay?? Stay tooned!!

16 Responses

  1. Yeah, it is Dozer. But the more your mom works, the more treats she can buy you. See there is an up side!

    LOVE the dog pile picture! Dubby got a good kiss in there huh!

    Chasing my tale…
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  2. Dozer,
    I know how you feel! My Mom has been doing a lot of school work lately. And you know what? She doesn’t even get paid to do that work! She pays to do it! So I think your Mom is smarter than my Mom that way.
    Your chair looks very comfy. And the dog pile is fantastic!
    Hugs and Tail Wags,

    • My mummy pays the skool to do werk too. Mummy sez that in a munth called Decembur she getz to dress up in a funny kostume and the skool will give her a peece of paper.

      Hey Dubby- kin my mummy borrow yer bee kostume?

  3. Work is for suckers!! And my mom is one of the biggest suckers I know!!

    I bet I know what is at the end of the month that your mom is working on…my mom keeps talking about getting me a special tshirt for something. She hasn’t figured out that I don’t like clothes yet! Just pretty collars!


  4. P.S. my mom says her work is what buys me treats and toys, so maybe you’ll get some new ones soon since she’s working so much! ;o)

  5. Dozer, pawrents work=TREATS!!! Though not having extra mommy time is sad… I love the dawg pile picture!

  6. Oh Dozer, I am so glad your back. I missed you so much!! You look like you passed the time real productivly though!

  7. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay psssst i am not shoor if yoo notisd but star is aksepting kisses frum dubby!!!! ok bye

    • Hey Dennis yes you are rite!! Im hoping Dubby an Star will fall in luv and elope and run aways or mebbe I kin male them I meen send them on a nice honeemoon to Antarktika and it will git rid of two evel roommates in wun very big boks hahahaha!!!

      Yer pal Dozer

      • Hey, Dozer-

        Yoo jest hav yer mummy put Star and Dubby in a big boks on yer porch and I will have my Daddy git them and bring them home to me.

        Yer pal,

  8. That is quite a dog pile you all have going on there!!!


  9. Awwww Dozer! Luv the pics! U should be nice to dubby and let him stay!

  10. Werk is for suckers – our people werk lots too! We want a chair like yours. In fact, our mom is talking about getting one!

  11. Sorry your mommy is working so much – those are some great pics – we love the last one with Dubby licking Star

    Woodrow – Sweetie – MJ

  12. Haha! Sweet dreams, Dozer! (You are all SO CUTE!)

    ❤ S and D

  13. Aww…that dog pile is just the cutest!! Can’t wait to find out about the special event!

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. we’re being naughty coz my human isn’t really supposed to be typing much yet but we just can’t resist commenting on our favourite blogs! 🙂

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