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Staff infekshun

Well I goed to the v-e-t the other day and gess wut? My teared up leg wut had surjeree is ALL BETTERS!!

The v-e-t sez I am 90 pounds. That is a little bit fat fer me. It is not my falt! I jest spended the last too munths doing NUTHIN!!

Mummy sez I still have to be reel calm and not run around fer a wile. I must go on nice calm short walkies.

But it is okay cause all my toy balls are all coming backs at last!! Now I kin put sum reel spirit into my wining and groneing and karrying on!

Wining and karrying on begins in three... too... wun...

Wining and karrying on begins in three... too... wun...

But the bad nooz is that I have gotten sumthang called a staff infekshun frum my allerjees. I haves a big rash on my tummy and between my toes.

Geeze Mummy you could have mades that black bar jest a little bigger.

Geeze Mummy you could have mades that black bar jest a little bigger.

Now I did not even knows that I had a staff so I gess that jest shows wut a terribull job my staff is doing. I meen why isnt my staff bringing me toys and treets and wating on me hand and paw?? Wut am I paying them fer ennyways?!? And am I even paying them??

The v-e-t gived me sum pills to take fer to git rid of the staff but franklee I does not think I needs them pills. HEY STAFF YER FIRED!!! There that should take kare of the staff rite?

However Mummy sez that she has spended way too much munnys on my allerjees so she is gonna get me an allerjee test and then sum allerjee shots! Hey wut a grate idea Mummy. Im almost nine yeers old and NOW you decide to deel with my allerjees?!?

Wutever. I am too bizzy rite now to care bout silly thangs like allerjees.

I will puts the ball a little closer to you hint hint hint.

I will puts the ball a little closer to you hint hint hint.


13 Responses

  1. Ha ha Dozer you about put that ball up yer mommys pant leg.

    Sorry about yer staff,they need a good talkin to. But good news about yer leggy.

    Bobo and Meja

  2. Wow, glad you’re doing so much better. Good job firing that staff thing. I thought only cats had staff. You’re definitely a dog. Have fun playing with the ball again! Can’t wait to see you in action!


  3. I am very glad your leggy is so much better now, Dozer! Now if you could just get your staff to shape up, everything would be great!

  4. Yeah for feeling better….

    Booo for allergies and staff infections…

    Go away Staff Smileys!

  5. Sorry to hear that Dozer, you must be so itchy!! Good luck, if you firing your ‘staff’ doesnt get them to go away I’m sure the medicine will do the trick!

  6. Sooo happy that your leg is better!!

    Sooo sad that you have that rash. We hope it goes away super fast!

    Chasing my tale…
    Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

  7. Hey, Dozer-

    I wuz wunderin ware yoo have bin. It’z too bad that yoo have bin at the v-e-t. It’z a gud thang that yoo fired yer staff bcuz they shorely wuz doin a turrible job.

    I may hav to fire my staff too. I have bin out of benny drills fer two days an I am itchy. Oh wait… My staff iz mummy. I may have to thank abowt that bcuz mummy iz not so bad.

    Yer pal,

  8. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow yore staf luks itchy!!! i wood fire it too if i wer yoo!!! i hope all yore stafing trubble is kleerd up soon maybe yoo cud call kelly servises or sumthing ok bye

  9. Oh Dozer – I hope your infection clears up soon…it looks nasty!

    By the way, are you on the raw diet? If not, maybe it’s something your human can look into coz it is famous for clearing up allergy problems…

    Honey the Great Dane

  10. Hey Dozer – I have been reading your blog and boy oh boy I am hooked. I love your stories about you and Star and Dubby too. I hopes you gets better soonz……

    From your new friend: Diane and Indy Bones Taylor (chocolate labbie from Baltimore)

  11. Oh no Dozer! You have the rare polka-dota-citis! Don’t let any little kiddies near you with markers or they will play connect the dots.

    I hope you get better soon and don’t lick your dots, or you’ll have a cone like Charlie the Cat!

    Your Friend Quizz

  12. I think even though you fired your staff they still seem to be hanging around. Maybe you should call Human Resources, they might be able to help!

    I am glad your leg is all better, mine is feeling prettty good too, I don’t have to go in the back yard with a leash anymore! And one of my Kong balls mysteriously reappeared! It was magic!

    I get bad allergies too. I had the blood work and serum and shots and stuff. Have your momma email my momma for the scoop on that!

  13. Good luck with the allergy testing and shots – hope his staff infection clears up soon nd uneventfully

    Woodrow (staph boy) – Sweetie – MJ

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