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New Kamra!!

Well Mummy has getted a new toy wich is a new kamra!

You mite be saying hey Dozer thats all fine and good but why does you even care bout that? Well I will tell you. It is cause new kamra meens lots of posing fer pitchers meens lots of treets!!! Thats rite folks New Kamra Day is a good day fer everybuddy here at Dozers howse!!

Here is a nice pitcher of me. I mite have had a little bit of drool on my chin frum thinking bout treets but you cannot see it unless you look very very close.


Mmmm yes gimme a milk bone pleeze.

Mummy taked a lot of pitchers of all us dawgs. Here is a pitcher of that awful baby dawg Dubby.



Sum peoples wuz asking Mummy hey why is Dubby named Dubby?? Well I will tell you why. Dubbys name is reely Doppelganger or as Mummy likes to say “dubble trubble.”

If you still dont get it jest look at this nekst pitcher.


We both see dead people...

Talk about creepy!!! Sumhow they have the same hipnotik stare.

Also Star and Dubby are always messing up these pitchers. Look how good I wuz being and look how bad they wuz being.

Hey Mummy ignore them okay. I will eat their treets for them!

Hey Mummy ignore them okay. I will eat their treets for them!

Yes folks that is dubble trubble all right. And tho I cannot seem to get Star off my hands without Mummys approval she sez I kin help her git rid of Dubby I meen find Dubby a nice new home!!

So pleeze fer the luv of everythang holey halp me git this awful I meen wunderful cute smart little Dubby a new home!!

Sleeper howd!!


You luv me more rite Mummy?

You still luv me more rite Mummy?

PS I have good news wich is that Mummy sez she will be out of werk in jest wun or two more days!! That meens more blogging fer me so see you soon okay!!


11 Responses

  1. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that is awsum that noo kamra meens treets for yoo!!! wen dada got his kamra he tuk lots of pikchers of me but i didnt git ennything not eeven royaltees or residjooals!!! ok bye

  2. Hey wow you takes good pictures Dozer. And hey that awful Dubby can come stay with us for a minute.

    Cause that’s how long it would take fer Meja to whomp him up if he gets up on her head like Stars.

    Oh well gud luck with that.


  3. Wow Dozer you sit really good for pictures. Me, I like to lick the camera. Maybe you should teach Dubby to smile. Then he’d be adopted faster.

    My mom says to tell you. She thinks you and Star are awesome for sharing your home with him.

    Your friend Quizz

  4. Dozer, it is clear that you are the GOOD one!

  5. Hey – your new Kamra takes great pictures, Dozer!! I love the close-ups! And I have to say – I think Dubby is very cute!! That picture where he is bashing Star in the face is just hilarious! 🙂 I like posing for pictures too coz I like the treats & praise I get too! Although to be honest, my human does it to me so much – and has been since I was a puppy – that I don’t even really notice her hovering around me anymore…

    Glad to hear that you’ll have more time for blogging soon – I’ve missed you!

    Honey the Great Dane

  6. Daddy sez he will be down in Dallas on a day called Oktober Twelve, so he kin swing by and pick up Dubby and bring him home to me. Shore thang, daddy.

  7. Dozer you are looking very handsome, I noticed you are wearing your bling!!!! Looks like that little Dubby is growing furs, maybe that means he will find a furever home soon.

  8. What a great new Kamra, Dozer! You are clearly the best behaved doggy in the house… and I know you don’t like him too much but dubby is a cutie… and I gotsa agree with you… Star’s gaze is a widdle bit creepozoid-ish!

  9. OH i love Dubby’s spots!!!! (But ur still the cutest dozer dont worry)
    Good job posing Dozer!

  10. I am sure Dubby will fine a great new home soon!! Hang in there!!


  11. happy you got a new camera – congrats on all the nummies the psoing gets you

    double trouble are too cute – and you are so handsome

    Woodrow – Sweetie – MJ

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