Awards and More Awards

Well I have bin colekting awards fer no obveeus reesun eksept that I am cleerly a adorabull dawg wut everybuddy luvs. It cannot be cause of my blog cause my Mummy has bin neglekting me badly in this regard. She keeps wining bout too much werk and blah blah blah nobuddy cares!! Ennyways oh yes I am shore these awards are also cause of my luvving and konserned attitood toward all my frends!!

First is this fine award frum my luv Daisy the Pink Pit Bull wut is indeed sumwut pink tho I am afrade she is not kwite as pink as our icky foster dawg (or mebbe pig I am not shore) Dubby. However she is much much more loverly.


Well Ill be darned this is wun smart award!! How did it know that dawg bones and Daisy Dawgs are both my choise?? The only thang it fergitted bout wuz Kong Balls! Now this award does not come with enny rools eksept I should kreddit Purple Hatter fer the deezine. I git to pass it out to whoever I want! I will haves to think bout that fer a wile… and treshure my preshus award all to myselfs.

Now we come to the Oops I Ate It Award! This is frum my pal Dennis the Viszla with suport from Tucker.


OK this is not reely an award it is a meem and the rooles say I am sposed to tell you bout food thangs I have steeled. Well as menny of you may know I am not too good at steeling foodstuffs.

You mite remember this pitcher frum a wile ago. It wuz sum foodies that Mummy leaved on the tabull fer hours wile she wuz not at home. I did not eat it.

It wuz a yummy English muffen and sum milk.

It wuz a yummy English muffen and sum milk.

You mite also remember this pitcher. This is ware my foodies is keeped: on the floor ware I could jest git rite in it if I wanted. But I do not.

I does not eat foodies that is not in my bowl. Not even when the bag is open and nobuddy is homes.

I does not eat foodies that is not in my bowl. Not even when the bag is open and nobuddy is homes.

Beleeve it or not even Star does not steel foodies. I am not shore how she keeps her butt so fat without steeling but she does it sumhow!!

However there is sumone in our howse that DOES steel foodies and you may remember this pitcher!! Thats rite its DADDY and hes steeling MY foodies!! Or at leest he is faking it ennyways. Shame on you Daddy!!

Sheesh Daddy yer embarasing me get yer own bowl!

Sheesh Daddy yer embarasing me get yer own bowl!

Now lets find out bout the notty eating habits of these fine bloggers!!

  1. Bobo and Meja
  2. The Prairie Dogs
  3. Jack and Maggie
  4. Brownie

Okay now the nekst award is frum Princess the Pit Bull!


Awww isnt that sweet she is showing me luv!! I hopes Daisy doesnt git jellus!! Hey wate a sekund Princess sez this award is fer STAR!! Wut!??

Hi everyone, it’s me, Star. Thanks, Princess, for this wonderful award. I do indeed show the love whereever there is love to be shown!!

Here are some rules that came with the award:

  • Put the award on your blog and link to who gave it to you.
  • Give a nod to Purple Hatter who made the award
  • Share a picture or story of how you ‘Showed Some Love’ lately
  • Give the award to at least 5 (or more) of your blogging buddies who you believe have showed some love and ask them to share their picture or story too!!
  • So, here is the picture of me sharing the love with Dozer and Dubby. It’s a three-way love-a-thon! A “love triangle,” you might say.


    And here are five lovely, loving blog buddies who deserve this award!

    1. Honey the Great Dane
    2. Addie, Lucie, and Hailey
    3. Quizz
    4. Gus and Waldo
    5. Woodrow, Sweetie, and MJ

    10 Responses

    1. Thank you so much for the award – it is greatly appreciated – and congrats on all your wins.

      it is so nice you share with your siblings

      Woodrow – Sweetie – MJ

    2. Great awards guys!!! I love your love a thon!! Dubby gets cuter every day!!


    3. Sorry Dozer! The next one will be just for you!! I promise!

    4. Congrats on ur awards!! And I love that last pic!! ❤ ❤

    5. OMD!!! That last picture is WONDERFUL!!!

      The three of you are soooo cute together!! How will you guys ever be able to let Dubby go? We think he has found a new home. 🙂

      Congratulations on all of your wonderful awards!

      Your dad is sooo silly and a very good sport!

      Thank you for the super cool award! You are sooo sweet to share it with us.

      It’s a little stormy over here. Hope the storms miss you guys!

      Oh, we wanted to let you know that our mom has been researching festivals and events in the DFW area, she LOVES that kind of stuff, anyway she added a calendar of events on our blog that you might want to check out if you like that kind of stuff too. All are dog friendly!

      Chasing my tale…
      Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

    6. Thank you Star! I’ll be posting and sharing the award tonight. As soon as my mom can get with it. She’s been so slow. 🙂

      I sure do think you, Dozer and Dubby look like you’re having fun with the rope!

      Your Friend Quizz

      PS. My mom keep muttering about how cute Dubby’s pink naked wiggly self is she might have to bring him to Richmond. Mom’s are sooooo silly. Good thing your mom put some clothes on the boy.

    7. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay congratchoolayshuns on yore awards!!! that is a verry funny pikcher of yoo three playing tug luk at dubby he thinks hes wun of the big dogs it must be becuz he is a rock star!!! ok bye

    8. Those are sum kool awerds yoo and Star hav got thare. Meybee sumday my lazy mummy will acthoually git my blog goin so that I can join in all the fun. She setted it up in a munth called Aprul and hazzent messed wif it since. Git wif it my lazy mummy!

    9. Dozer you are such a nice boy to let little Dubby play with your toys! And congratulations on all the awards, you sure deserve them!

    10. Congrats on the awards, and thank you for passing the meme onto me. 🙂 You and Star are so good around the foodables… just like me! BOL!

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