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Travel Thursday: Picking Up Chinese Takeout





(The road was a little bumpy… I need a real camera so things aren’t always so blurry.)

14 Responses

  1. Dozer you got the bestest smile in the whole born world. But what’s up with yer ear dude?

    Bobo and Meja

    ps. Star you look purty happy too

  2. great ear shot – we love it – we go everywhere with mommy too – isnt riding in the truck fun

    Woodrow – Swetie – MJ

  3. WOW what a great ear picture!! You should enter it in Lexus and Bentley’s Ear contest!!!


  4. Oh my! What great photos! I love the flying ear one best – pawsome!

  5. Oh Dozer are you for sale?! You have a little tag on your collar that doesn’t look like the normal dog tag. Mom said she’s interested if you’re for sale! ;o)

  6. I almost want to say you were thinking to fast! ZOOM! That looks like a great Adventure!


  7. What happy dogs! How’s the puppy??

  8. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay ok i see the car and i see the eerz flying but wot i do not see is the chineez!!! ware ar the egg roles??? ware is the oranj chikkin??? ware ar the noodels??? oh wayt skratch that abowt the noodels i hav had bad noodel ekspeeryenses ok bye

  9. I think you might enjoy the beef and broccoli! I like the crab rangoon myslef.

  10. I like all the meat juice off the vegetables and eat the meat, and rice. Mmmm Chinese. No vegetables for me!

    Your Friend Quizz

  11. Oh my goodness they are just so CUTE!!!

    ❤ S and D

  12. The heck wif the car ride. I hopes that yer mummy letted yoo and Star eet sum of that deelishus Chinese fud.

  13. Ohhh, those window pics werent just funny enough to type LOL, i really did laugh out loud! ha. Now I want chinese…

  14. You sure know how to roll Dozer. have you learned how to paint the side of the car in drool threads yet? That’s Sola’s favorite road trip pastime…

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