Wordless Wednesday: Stand By Your Man


Video 8 0 00 00-01(I mite have been in a teeny bit of trubble. But it wuz not my falt!)


11 Responses

  1. My gurl sed she wunders wut yoo did to make yer mummy sooo angry that she putted yoo in time owt.

    • Hey Luda well it mite have been this grate new game I wuz playing called Romp n Stomp n Chomp. It wuz a grate game eksept when I played with the stoopid baby dawg and the stoopid baby dawg getted a bit smooshed. Then Mummy sed it wuz time fer a cooldown. She iz such a wet blankit dont you think??

  2. Of course it wasn’t yer fault Dozer. Yer mummy is jest mean. Thank Goodness Star stuck around to talk.

  3. How nice of Star to keep you company…Unless of course she is just feeling guilty for setting you up…


  4. …. nor do you look particularly remorseful …

  5. o dozer what happened – you got the aweful crate – but it is very nice of star to keep you compnay – maybe you need to rethink getting rid of her

    Woodrow – Sweetie – MJ

  6. Don’t worry Dozer! I will bail you out. Um how many biscuits do I need to bring?

  7. Oh no, Dozer, what did you get grounded for? Star is such a sweetie for standing (or rather laying) by you. 🙂

  8. Awww, Star, ur so thoughtful!

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