What Is This Thing?!?

Hi everyone, it’s me, Star! Today the Lady took Dozer away and didn’t come back with him. She said he was going to the vet for the day, because he needs more x-rays. Ha ha ha!! I think that’s karma, after all his plotting with Octopussy to get rid of me.

The Lady also took the mysterious creature that’s been living in her bathroom. I was very surprised when she brought it back and said I could meet it.

Now, what the Lady said was that this creature is a puppy with something called “demodectic mange.” It sounds like a serious disease but she said I probably wouldn’t catch it. Since I really like puppies, I thought I was going to have some fun!!

But when I met this so-called “puppy,” look what happened!

That’s right, the Lady pulled a bait-and-switch on me. That’s no puppy! That thing is stinky and wrinkly and… and… NAKED! Ugh, I don’t know if I can be around something so pathetically lacking in fashion sense.

In other news, the Lady discovered a package for me and Dozer!! It was on a counter under a pile of stuff. Apparently, it showed up while Lady was on her trip, and the Man brought it in but forgot about it (maybe because he buried it under a bunch of junk). So Lady found it today while cleaning up.

She says that we are going to open it later today, when Dozer gets back from the vet–so tune in tomorrow to find out who it’s from and what’s inside!

Over and out!

Action shot! This rope toy is about to regret its existence.

Action shot! This rope toy is about to regret its existence.


12 Responses

  1. Wow Star! Dubby sure looked like he liked you. Don’t hold his furlessness against him. He’s only a baby.

    My mom say his tail can be classified as a WMD. HUH?!?!?!?!

    He’s cute for a short stuff. He won’t be stinky for long. And you’ll teach him the ropes. Just watch out for his tail! 🙂

    Your Friend Quizz

  2. Star he has skin boo boos – he will get better and smell betrer and look better very soon – but you need to be nice to him – and help mommy take care of him – Sweetie had no fur when she came home and now she is all better.


  3. Oh Star, you were scairted of the puppy? It looks like he really, really wanted to get to know you better.

  4. OMD! poor baby with the skin boo boo! I hope he gets better soon… Star, your mommy is going to work some magic and you’ll see… she’ll turn that… um … creature into a puppy in no time!

  5. Oh Star…don’t worry, I bet he grows on you!!


  6. Awwww Star, give that sweet baby another chance ok. Dubby just wants to be your friend!

    His fur is going to grow back. We promise!

    Chasing my tale…
    Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

  7. Star,

    I can’t believe you rejected that sweet little puppy! He looked so happy to see you. You’ll have to let us readers know how you feel once he smells a little better…I think he wants to be ur friend! You never know, he could help you get back at Dozer for all those octopussy stunts…

  8. Poor baby dog, he looks so sweet. Glad to hear it’s demodectic and not sarcoptic. Are they putting him on ivermectin? That’s what they gave Dennis for his demodex.

    Hope the x-rays come back good!

  9. Wow, he was almost wagging his little tail off! Sure looks like a happy little guy. Someone give him nose kisses from my Mom please (when it’s safe to do so).


  10. What a sweetie. Daisy had mange when she was rescued, but that was before I adopted her and she was healed up by then. But she has chronic allergy and skin issues.

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