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Summer Brake!


Well doo to Mummy being sicky and now she is going far away fer a wile she sez I will have a nice summer brake on my blog until she is back. This is cause I am being left home with Daddy who cannot reed or rite enny better then me so let me tell you if he halped me with my blog it would be a disaster of epik proporshuns!!

So pals I will see you agin in jest a wile. Have a nice summer brake too!!

P.S. In case you is wundering yes Mummy drawed and colored them pitchers of me and Star. Good greef doesnt she have ennythang better to do??


13 Responses

  1. Enjoy yer summer break Dozer. We’ll miss you and Star.

    We’re going somewheres too. North Air Liner or somethin.

    Bobo and Meja

  2. I love the pictures that you’re mom drew of you and star!! She is a woman of many talents!

    I’m going to miss you Dozer and Star too! Have a great break with Daddy, they give you lots of treats. If you are running around and being crazy, they think it’ll make you calm down, at least my FTB thinks so. ;o)


  3. Wow, summer brake with Daddy??? What a treat!!!! You will get to watch all kinds of TV and play many video games…Not to mention the hours of tug a war…treats whenever you want them…Oh wait…that’s my Daddy. HEY, can your Mommy take MY Mommy cause I love, love, LOVE having my Daddy in charge!

  4. Very nice likeness of the both of you. Your mommy could make a career change to artist if she wanted to. Have a nice break.

  5. Those are awesome pictures!

    Hope your mommy has a great summer break and feels better soon!

    Enjoy having daddy around – hopefully he’s super generous with the t-r-e-a-t-s!

  6. Enjoy your break; I hope your mom feels better soon!

  7. Goodbye for now Dozer and Star, we will miss you! And your mom too!

  8. what a adorable little graphic we love it – your mommy is very talented – enjoy your vacation – cant wait to hear from you guys again

    Woodrow – Sweetie – MJ

  9. Your mummy is quite the artist! Those are good looking pictures.
    Hope you all enjoy your break!

    S and D

  10. We hope that your mummy got better befroe her trip! Those pictures of you and Star are very good, perhaps your mummy is an artist? Oh Dozer I will miss you lots and lots and lots.

    That picture is awesome!!!! So summer break will be over the same day Shadow gets fixed. Im nervoouusss!! 😦

  12. We sure do hope your mom gets better soon!

    Have a great time and make sure you get lots of treats while you mom is away!

    Chasing my tale…
    Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

  13. Wow – your human drew those??? She is so talented!!! I wish my human could draw a cartoon of me!! 🙂

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