Surjery FAIL

Dear    DOZER    ,

Your dog has just had TPLO surgery to correct a tear in Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). Please follow these important steps to speed your dog’s recovery.

1. Please keep your dog confined in a crate.

Crate confinement FAIL

Crate confinement FAIL

2. Do not allow your dog to engage in any rough play or activity. Keep him calm and quiet.

Calm and quiet FAIL

Calm and quiet FAIL

3. No stairs!!

No stairs FAIL

No stairs FAIL

4. Keep your dog on leash when going out to potty.

Leash FAIL

Leash FAIL

X-rays will be needed to determine the extent of healing. X-rays will be taken approximately every two to three weeks as determined by the veterinarian.

Please follow the above restrictions until the vet sees that healing is complete.


Animal Hospital Staff

Dozer sez: Well the good news folks is that I am doing okay even tho my Mummy is a teribull awfull Mummy fer letting me git away with all these reely fun thangs. I am going to the v-e-t tomorrow for anuther chekup!


13 Responses

  1. Gud luck tomorrow. It’s not yer fault that yer mummy is bad.

    Bobo and Meja

  2. Dozer, I am glad that you are still doing okay, even if you are not a very patient patient! (I don’t blame you for wanting to run around and have fun).

  3. Somehow, I think that Dozer would do what Dozer would want to do. Does the Animal Hospital think Dozer is a chihuaua? Seriously?

    Quizz’s Mom

    Dozer, I agree with my mom. I think that you know when you are better. And your mom takes good car of you! Give her lots of kisses to say thank you!

    Your friend Quizz

  4. Good Luck at the Vet tomorrow…I am sure your Mommy tried her hardest to keep you in check 🙂


  5. Dozer, good luck at the v-e-t tomorrow! I hope that everything goes well despite your mommy’s um… permissive ways! 😉

  6. honestly – you would have driven your mommy insane if she followed all of these rules all of the time – we wish you the best at the doctors tomorrow – we know that we have had a really hard time with sherman keeping him quiet for 2 weeks with his stitches

    Woodrow – Sweetie & Sherman

  7. Dozer Dear! Well I am sure mummy knows best, and I am sure you are practicing self restraint so you don’t get hurties. Good luck at the V*E*T! I go back on Friday, I think they wil take the staples out then.

  8. Good luck Dozer! I think you’re mommy did the best she can, she has an awful cute and pathetic face begging her for so many things how can she possibly say not to everything?!

    You must start teaching more lessons on this!!


  9. We just know that you are going to get a good report from your vet. You have been as good as you can be. It is soooo hard not to do all of those things!

    Paws crossed for a good report!

    Chasing my tale…
    Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

  10. Oh Dozer – you look fabulous – good luck at the v-e-t!

  11. It wuz purty silly of yer v-e-t to send the letter wif those important instructions to yoo. Dossen’t they know that dawgs can’t reed?

  12. Oh Dozer – am glad to hear that you’re recovering, even though you’re not sticking by the rules! 🙂 I’m like you too – I had a tough time sticking by the rules after my Big Operation (so I can’t have puppies) and I tore my stitches and had to go back to have them put in again!! But it sounds like you’re doing pretty well! 🙂

    Honey the Great Dane

  13. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay umm hmmm that is a lot of fails their i hope yoo do ok on the final eksam to mayk up for it!!! ok bye

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