Dinner Party

Well tonite me and Star wuz invited to a dinner party. This wuz a big suprise fer us! We dont usually git to eat at the tables.

Dinner party yeah!

Dinner party yeah!

The foodies wuz noodulls. I luv noodulls! I haf to admit I wuz a little unshore bout ettikit. But I followed the prinsipul rool of being polite wich is: Fore on the floor.

This reminds me of sum moovee bout dawgs and spagetti.

This reminds me of sum moovee bout dawgs and spagetti.

Star however made a fool of herself.

Hey that is not fore on the floor Star! Bad dawg!

Hey that is not fore on the floor Star! Bad dawg!

Ew gross I thinks she jest kissed Daddy.

Ew gross I thinks she jest kissed Daddy.

Fer sum reeson Mummy sawed us doing this and she sed oh I jest losed my apitite! Well grate that meens more fer us rite Daddy??


11 Responses

  1. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow a dinner party!!! wayt let me fetch my fondoo forks and i wil be rite over!!! ok bye

  2. You’re such a gentleman Dozer. Star should learn from your example. Our rule is butt on the floor. Kind of implies the feetsies there too doesn’t it?


  3. You are such a good boy Dozer. Maybe you could have a manners class fer Star.

    Or maybe that was her trick to get a kiss from Daddy.

  4. At my howse I usually invites myself to dinner. Mummy sez I must lay on the floor and bee a gud dawg, but when she’z not lookin, I sneak over by daddy and puts my hed on hiz knee. Sumtimes I even drool on hiz knee. I guess there is no dowt hoo feedz me frum the table.

  5. Dozer, you have real good dinner manners! Sometimes I walk on the kitchen table. I do not think I have good dinner manners.

  6. We have the 4 on the floor rule too – dozer you are such a good boy – and star is just like sweetie – she is a bad girl too

    those noodles looked great – we have mac and cheese with mommy last night.

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  7. Once again I ask…WHY DOES MY MOMMY NOT FEED ME good food…..*sigh*

    You are a very well mannered dinner guest Dozer!!


  8. Gus says the boys are always more mannerly than the girls. He says some other things about the girl, especially when she body slams him into the ground, but those things are not polite to say…

  9. Boy are you guys lucky! I have to wait outside the dining room. And wait and wait and wait until everyone is finished with their dinner. Then, maybe, I’ll get a yummy treat.

    Of course, I help with the dishes always.

    Your friend Quizz

  10. Wow noodles, Are they good? It looks like and excuse to kiss your daddadda too!

  11. Dozer, this is going to sound rude, but next time, I’m going to invite myself to your dinner party! I don’t get any yummy hooman food cause my Momster is a food dingdong. That pasta looks so deelishous, and you have the best table manners… I think I wouldn’t be able to resist and would end up looking like Star!

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