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Git Crushed by the Ladder!

Octopussys nekst skeme to git rid of Star seemed like a shore thang so I gived it the green lite.

He wuz very brave to sakrifise himself to the cawse. He setted himself up as the bate.




Yes thats rite pick up the toy pick up the toy git it git it git it… git it…

pick it ups… in yer mouth…



Foiled agin by that clever Star. Gosh she is wily.

12 Responses

  1. Do yoo knoe sumthang, Dozer? Yoo almost got caught in Octopussy’s evel trap! Octopussy switched sidez frum yer mummy too yoo. How doez yoo noe that Octopussy reely izzn’t a dubble agent fer Star? I thank yoo better send Octopussy to Dennis the Veezla’s doktor for a lobotomy asap.

    P.S. My mummy sez that shore is a beeutiful starecase!

  2. Oh no Dozer! My mom tells me I have to share! I have to share with my Maddy and with my cat brother Charlie. I don’t always like to share, but I do anyway. Cuz she makes me.

    I think it would be nice to share with Star. I’d even share one of my meaty bones. You know, the ones my mom bakes for me.

    Your friend Quizz

  3. Shucks foiled agin. That Star is a wraskilly wrabbit.

    Good luck on yer next skeme. At least Octopussy is always thinkin.

  4. Deat Dozer,

    You may want to watch an episode of daffy duck trying to blow up Sam by playing the piano….you almost made the classic mistake!! Better luck next time πŸ™‚

  5. Dear Star,

    You are very clever luring Dozer into your grand scheme.

    I admire your persistence.


    Dear Dozer,

    You are very clever luring Star into your grand scheme.

    I admire your persistence.


    Dear Octopussy,

    Please to come live with me, I will gently nibble all eight of your legs. Gently.


  6. Keep at it Dozer. Something is bound to work.

    Hope your leggy is feeling lots better.


  7. Good Luck Dozer….I think Octopussy may need to be tortured to see who he is REALLY working for!!!


  8. Hey Dozer that purple octopussy sure is rad! It kinda is reminding me of some of the hallucinations I am having, pink squirrels, orange racoons and purple octopussys!!

  9. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay wate wate wate is that yore howse??? that is sum kind of starekayse yoov got their!!! just imadjin the dramatik entranses yoo cud mayk on that!!! i wil be rite over and i am bringing my tukseedo ok bye

  10. Oh Dozer – I want an Octopussy too!! He is so cute! Oh my God, I thought the ladder was going to fall on top of you – that Star is so clever – I don’t think you’re every going to get her! πŸ™‚

    Honey the Great Dane

  11. Dozer,

    You must resist. How about an uderwater operation. Maybe take Star out fishing Godfather style. (just kidding Star)

    You gotta lean some self contol dude.

  12. that star is a really smart girl you might have to step up your game

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

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