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A pitcher

Well my pal Trooper tagged me to find a pitcher. This is how:

Open your photos folder and select the 6th folder.
Then select the 6th photo in that folder and post that photo along with the story behind it on your blog.
Then tag 5 friends.

Okay let’s see. I cannot do the sekund step cause there are not 6 pitchers in the 6th folder. There are jest more folders!

I gess I will pick the 6th pitcher in the Dozer folder insted.


Aug. 2007

Ah yes well this isnt a very intresting pitcher! I wuz jest sitting outsides on the porch meditating a little bit.

You kin see that bloo ring on the porch on the left side of the pitcher. That wuz called Indestruktible Ring Toy and there used to be two more rings. Cleerly it wuz improperly named.

Now I am gonna choose these five blog dawgs to carry on this meme if they so desire:

  1. Princess the pit bull
  2. Tank the pit bull
  3. Honey the Great Dane
  4. Jack and Maggie
  5. Inara the pit bull

I am gonna change it up jest a bit tho cause I thinks menny blogs have alreddy done this meme.
So the new rools are this:

Open the folder that contains Pet photos.
Then select any photo in that folder that you haven’t posted previously.
ost that photo along with the story behind it on your blog.
Then tag 5 friends.


9 Responses

  1. what a good twist to the game – thanx for adding it

    cool pic – you look very handsome meditating on your porch.

    yes we have had several toys too that were improperly named – mommy says we are perfect testers!!

    Sweetie and the boys

  2. Hey Dozer… thanks for playing the game and I like how you changed up the rools. Were you actually meditating in that photo or were you trying to hypnotize your mummy into giving you more treats?

    Your Buddy,

  3. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo luk verry verry zen in that pikcher!!! i shud lern how to meditayt like yoo do breethe in breethe owt breethe in breethe owt breethe oh luk a stuffie gotta go!!!! ok bye

  4. Hi Dozer, thanks for letting me play. I like your new rules too!

    I have one of those ‘indestructible rings’ too, but it looks like yours, so mine didn’t live up to its name either!

    Good meditating pose, I’m going to go practice now.


  5. You look SO cute as usual! My momster thinks a lotsa indestruktible and super tough toys are not what they claim to be! And I always try to prove the marketers wrong… BOL!

  6. Dozer- I am a new visitor to your site and love it! I have to admit that when I first saw this pitcher, I thought you looked constipated and it made me laugh. You are very handsome and I love your blog. Wishing you lots of summer fun.

    • Hi Bella it is nice to meet you. Does you have a blog? If you sends me the blog address I will visit!

      Ahem… now as fer the pitcher… I likes to rerite my history whenever it is embarasing.

  7. Hi Dozer,

    Thanks for tagging me to play this game! I will try and do it soon!

    Ha! Ha! – I had to laugh at what you said about the “indestructible blue ring”!! 😀

  8. Dozer that looks like your serious business face!

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