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Never Give Up!

Well my pal Dennis gived me an award that he maked himself.

I am very pleesed to have this award. It is the Never Give Up Award.


Dennis gived it to me cause I am in a pathetik state rite now wut with my leg being kinda messed up.

Dont worry everybuddy I will not give up!! Despite my handycap I still werk very hard every day wining and moaning and carrying on until I gets my way or a bunch of treets wichever comes furst.

I am not giving up on that jiant bone neither. I am shore I will eat the hole thang wun of these days.

The bone comes with me when I go out to potty. So Star cannot steel it.

The bone comes with me when I go out to potty. So Star cannot steel it.


6 Responses

  1. you stay tough big boy – and yes you gruad that bone – i carry my toy with me when i potty so sweetie cant steal it

    woodrow sweetie mj

  2. You are very smart to carry your bone outsides with you. I’m gonna steal that trick so Meja doens’t steal all my toys. Thanks for the tip Dozer!


  3. Dozer I just love that picture of you…you are super smart and it looks like that leg surgery and special pills did nothing to your brain!

  4. You will git the best of that bone, Dozer! Haz yer mummy ever got u a flossie? Mummy got me a flossie one time and I wuz so silly I couldn’t figgure out wut I wuz supposed to do wif it . Once I figgered it out, I got the best of that flossie.

  5. Hey Dozer I know what you mean about guarding your bone – you have to do that around here. Heck, even old Jingles stoke a sammich from Mom the other night!.

  6. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay i think yore plan to wine and moan and kerry on is a verry gud plan and wot with yore leg trouble that wil only mayk yor wining and moaning and kerrying on that mutch more effektiv!!! ok bye

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