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Mishun Akomplished

Well ladees and gentledawgs I thinks I have finally sukseeded. I have made the Wurlds Most Pathetik Face Ever.



However Mummy sez that wile I does look pathetik I only acheeved this goal using performance enhansing drugs. I am not shore wut she is refering to.


17 Responses

  1. poor dozer – that is a very pathetic face – with or wothout help

    woodrow sweetie mj

  2. Did that look get you up on the human bed? Mom said she couldn’t resist it if you were at our house, she says your welcome up on her bed anytime to snuggle!!
    P.S. Not sure what the drugs are about, I believe you could do that on your own!

  3. Oh Dozer y ou looks like yer feeling dubbers. When we feel dubbers mommy says we look just like that.

    Bobo and Meja

  4. This is Quizz! Cool face! I’ll have to practice. Mom says I’ll have to do it naturally though.

    Your friend Quizz

    Wow Dozer! This is Quizz’s Mom. I have to agree with your mom that is an amazing Pathetic Face. But she’s right. It could only be achieved under extrodinary circumstances. And you definitely don’t want to repeat them.

  5. That is a face that needs lots of kisses!

  6. That shore iz a reely pathetic face. Yer mummy doez have a point abowt yer use of performance enhancing drugs, but I thank yoo could make a reely pathetic face without them bcause yoo are reely reely bored.

  7. Awww – that is a pathetic face. Did it work? Did you receive the response you were hoping for?

  8. Dozer, that is truly a pee -tee- fuw face!

  9. Mom and Dad say that’s horrifically pathetic. You win the internet! We hope you’re feeling better Dozer.


  10. Oh Dear Dozer! yes I think that is the most pathetic face so far. You will soon be playing kong! I just know it. Enjoy the trip for now…..

  11. Awwww Dozer,

    We feel so bad we’d happily share our treats with you (which NEVER happens) ….

    YOu’ve definitely succeed in manipulation us at Dog Woods.

    Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack

  12. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that is the bloo steel of pathetk fayses!!! i bet that wood stop like nives and bullets!!! ok bye

  13. That is very lucky that the camera was there to capture you amazing acting skills. Perhaps you should receive an oscar or something.

  14. That is the most pathetic doggy face ever!

  15. You sure have that face down!

    We would give you anything to make you happy!

    WOW you have receive soooo many wonderful gifts!

    Our terrible secretary is getting us caught up.

    Your new collar is gorgeous!!

    We are glad you are getting better and hope that you and Star are keeping cool. It is soooo hot!

    Chasing my tale…
    Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

  16. Ooh, poor Dozer!!

  17. HA! Ha! Dozer – that is a really good ‘pathetic face’ – you’re definitely onto Black Collar level now…I thought only dogs with lots of wrinkles (like me!) could do good pathetic faces but you’ve shown me wrong! 🙂

    Honey the Great Dane

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