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Uh Oh Alerjees

Well I mite have skritched my itchies a bit too much. My furs wuz kinda bleedy todays.


Dont worry it jest looks bad cause I have wite furs.

Mummy is a little peeved cause now she must buy sum new medisin frum the v-e-t. She sez I am the most ekspensive dog EVER.

I have lots of medisins that wuz fer my alerjees but nuthang reely werks.

My medisins. I does not take all these ennymore. Jest a few.

My medisins. I does not take all these ennymore. Jest a few.

Now that I have had a surjery it is even harder cause I cannot take a bathies with my speshull shampoo and sum of my alerjee medisins arent good to take cause of wut Mummy calls conflikts with surjery medisins. So I must get a NEW medisin even tho I have lots and lots of OLD medisin.

Mummy sez wite pit bull dawgs like me does tend to have skin alerjees. Well no duh Mummy thanx fer that info.

Soooo itchy.

I am skritching my neck. Soooo itchy.


11 Responses

  1. Poor Dozer! You better stop skratchin udderwise you will git da CONE!

  2. Oh Dozer, that looks hurty! My brother Harley has a lot of white on him, and he has a very bad case of eosinophilic granuloma complex, which is basically an immune system over-reaction to an allergy. We have noticed that white cats and dogs seem to have more allergies.

  3. My bull brats have very bad allergies – i dont know what you have tried but i have had really great success with some different types of treatments – email me if you like dcampy34@gmail.com


  4. Dozer have yer mommy rub you 24 hours a day. Then you’ll never have a chance to scritch. Problem solved.

    Yer Welcome,

    Bobo and Meja

  5. Oh no Dozer, I hope it’s not the TX heat that does that to you…it got up to 100 here yesterday and it’s not going to get any better! I like bobo and meja’s idea too, so get your mom to try that out!

  6. Allergies are no fun. Especially the medicine. It makes me tired.

    My mom, Charlie and Me are sending you lots of healing energy!

    Your Friend Quizz

  7. Oh Dear Dozer! I have allergies too! I scratch and lick and mamma does not like it! I take only one pill, but I used to get shots every month. Momma says he needs to start them up again. Good thing you have a momma who takes good care of you!

  8. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to heer abowt yore itcheez!!! if it mayks yore mama feel better yoo cud remind her that yoo didnt destroy thowsands of dollers wurth of furnitcher not that i did that but yoo no ummm sum dogs hav or so i am told ennyway i hope yoo feel better soon!!! ok bye

  9. Oh Dozer, that looks so painful! I hope you find something that stops the scratchies… they’re not fun at all… Oh, and btw, don’t feel bad about being the most expensive dog ever, you’re one million percent worth it and your mommy knows it! 😉

  10. Oh no – don’t scratch too much!

  11. Owie!!

    Gus just had a BIG hotspot on his head–it was about 3 inches long, and 2 inches wide! We know how you feel with the itchies!

    Gus and Waldo

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