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My Git Well Prezent frum Daisy!

Well yesterday I getted anuther pakaje and gess wut! It wuz frum my luv Daisy!

I wuz so eksited Mummy had trubble taking pitchers. Well geeze Mummy who cares bout pitchers jest open the boks alreddy!!!!

The boks smells good.

I will help you open it faster Mummy.

Daisy writed me a real nice letter that made me blush jest a little bit when Mummy red it to me.

I cannot reed it but it smells reel nice.

I cannot reed it but it smells reel nice.

Inside the boks wuz sum reely yummy treets that I have never had before called Claudias Canine Cuisine Cookies. They comed in a box and the rapper sed I Am Luved Uncondishunally!!! Oh my Daisy I am blushing even more now.

Honestly Mummy how does you funcshun?? Let me help you with this.

Honestly Mummy how does you funcshun?? Let me help you with this.

Enuff looking. Gimme!!!

Enuff looking. Gimme!!!

Thanks you.

Thanks you.

Wunce agin Star rooined my party.





I wuld have been happy with jest the treets but Daisy had anuther suprize in the boks!!


Wow Daisy reely is my gurlfrend cause she knows eksactly wut I like. Plus this pig wuz pink so it reminded me of her. I falled in luv with it.

Pleeze put treet and pig in mouth at same time ok thanx.

Pleeze put treet and pig in mouth at same time ok thanx.

And Star rooined my party agin.



I am not shore wether Mummy wuz sticking up fer me or wether she wuz mad that Star stomped on her foot wile comitting her evel crime but regardless of the reeson Mummy tolled Star that Pig Toy wuz MINE. Thanks Mummy.

In yer face Star.

In yer face Star.

And wile I wuz still enjoying my Pig Toy and delishus treets Mummy pulled out anuther thang frum the boks. It wuz BLING!!

This blak bone with dimonds will be perfekt on my new collar!

This blak bone with dimonds will be perfekt on my new collar!

Wow I have never had bling before! Mummy sed she would put it on my collar as soon as she could.

Deer Daisy thanks you so much fer these grate prezents. I cannot promiss to treshure them always cause I thinks the treets wuld not last ferever and the Pig Toy is alreddy missing an ear NOT MY FAULT but I will try to treshure them fer as long as reesonable. And I reckon the bling will stay around fer a long time if Mummy has any thang to say bout it. Luv Dozer.

9 Responses

  1. what great pressies a ball toy that is furry and squeaks WOW – and good to see you getting around –

    woodrow sweetie mj

  2. Ah, what wonderful presents! It’s clear that your girl Daisy loves you a LOT!

  3. Dozer you have the best smile in the blogosphere.

    Bobo and Meja Mommy

  4. Daisy shure must lurve you Dozer! She’s a reel softie and womantic doggie! Yur a luky dog!


  5. LOL! I like you honest answer about the lifespan of presents! You’ll put that bling to good use, no doubt!

  6. Whoa Dozer! Daisy sure likes you! But poor Star, don’t you think that it’s sad not to share?

    I’d share with Star any time!

    Your friend Quizz!

  7. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that is sum grayt loot wot yoo got frum daisy!!! yore bling is reely nice just remember bling is not a life preserver dont forgit wot happend to quint wen we wer attakd by the belooga wale wile trying to find tucker on that desert iland!!! ok bye

  8. Dozer, Daisy is very special to have sent you some treats and goodies, you must hold on to that pretty girl! And that Bling will make you look even more handsomer!!

  9. Dozer I am glad you liked your bling!

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