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I Hate Joon Ten



This is gonna be a wikkid skar!!

All the pills I have to take a bunch of times every day. Yukky!!

All the pills I have to take a bunch of times every day. Yukky!!

My crate aka Mummy and Daddys closet. I luv this place.

My crate aka Mummy and Daddys closet. Now with foodies and water!

The bestest part!! No evel roommate!!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!!

The bestest part!! No evel roommate!!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!!


24 Responses

  1. Awww poor puppeh!

  2. Oh Dear Dozer! That looks like a BIG OWWIE! I sure hope that you are feeling ok, I was worried about you yesterday. Can you walk to go out side potty? Big Pink kisses so that you will feel better!

    Dozer sez: Hi luvvly Daisy yes I kin walk and go outsides to potty but that is ALL I am alowed to do. (Which is ok cause I doesnt reely want to do anythang else rite now.)

  3. Dozer, Ow ow ow!!!! I hope your leg feels 100% soon!

  4. Did they give you a little bell to ring for when you need room service??

  5. Poor boy – hope you feel better very soon – i know you have an owwie now but it will get better and you will be chasing toys very soon.

    love and bully hugs
    Woodrow & MJ

  6. Joon 10 sucks! But it looks like Star is keeping you company. And the yucky pills will make you feel better Dozer. We promise.

    Bobo and Meja

  7. Poor little Dozer! That looks very hurty. I sure hope you are feeling much better soon. Having a big scar is very manly.

  8. Oh wow! What an owie! I’m so glad that you got back from the v-e-t okay. I’m sorry that you are hurting so bad.

    My mom and I are sending healing energy your way.

    Quizz and his Mom

  9. Poor Dozer!! Get well soon!

    Love and licks,

  10. Oh Dozer, that looks like a BIG owie…I hope those pills help and when you feel better I can try to pack up the treat dispensor in a box and send him your way to throw the ball for you. I’ll go start looking for a box big enough…
    T&P for fast healing ~Princess

  11. What in the HECK happened to your leg? Awww, I wish I could give you cuddles and kisses to make it better. I would too…
    I tried to find the follow button for your blog. It is invisible to me and my humom.
    Well just wanted to say you’re a good lookin’ dog even with a scar!


    Dozer sez: Hi Bell well Mummy sed I tored my ACL. I does not know wut that is but aparently it is an importent part of my leg! They had to do surjery to fix it up so I kin walk agin.

  12. Dozer –
    Sir Piedmont had the same owwie surgery 8 weeks ago. I am sorry there will be no ball chasing in your immediate future, but look on the bright side – you will be good as new, even better and will be able to outwit your evil roomie!
    Katherine (Mummy to Pizza Head)

  13. By the way, did they really shave your BUM?!?!?! Looks like a weird Jon and Kate reverse mohawk mullet!

    yer pal

    Dozer sez: YES they shaved my BUM!!! I thinks they gived the new guy the shaver and he did not know the difrence between my leg and my behind!!!

  14. Oh no, Dozer, that is a reely big owwie! Now you must be a reely gud dawg and leeve yer owwie alone so it dossen’t get infected. I messed wif my owwie and now I have a reely big scar.

  15. Hey Dozer… did you feel all woozy when you were waking up after your surjery? Wow, that’s an awesome scar you have on your leg. I’m sure your furs will grow back and cover it up soon. The main thing is you have to take your medicines and be a good boy for your mummy. You’ll be playing fetch again in no time!

    Your Buddy,

  16. Ouch. Mr. Mack has had TPLO on both knees 6 months apart. It was a year of stress, but we have forgotten all about it now that he is good as new! Happy healing and follow those post op rehab instructions Dozer!

  17. Oh my DOG Dozer! That looks like it hurts. Snuffles to help you get better. Ask your Mom for a laptop so you can keep up with the rest us us online. We send cuddles.


  18. Poor Dozer… we sure hope you are getting some tasty food to take those pills with!

    Be sure not to mess with those stitches or they will stick one of those cones on your head.

    We have all our paws crossed that you get better soon!

    Chasing our tale…
    Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

  19. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow that is the most seveerest injoory i hav ever seen!!! how menny ninja hedjhogs attakd yoo??? i wil do evrything in my power to mayk shoor they ar brawt to justiss!!! get better soon ok bye

  20. Aw, Dozer, wishing you a speedy recovery, buddy.

    S and D

  21. Aaw, Dozer! Yur bum iz nice and pink. But wat a SAWEET skar woo get to keep wif woo!

    We will keep arr paws cwossed fur woo and dat woo hav a fast reekuvuree.

    Gus and Waldo

  22. Dear Dozer,

    It looks like you get your own bed, your own room, your own pill collection and your own toys. This sounds like an ideal prospect, especially if you get your own minion, which you really should, all things considered.

    I hope you feel better soon but still retain your own room, pills, bed and toys.

    -miss mina

  23. Star looks so lost without you. Glad that everything went well.

  24. […] is the same leggie that I hads a big surjuree on that costed lots of munny and made me cooped insides the howse almost all the […]

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