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The Speshulist

Hey speshulist slow down I have a bum leg and I am running in hi heels!

Hey speshulist slow down I have a bum leg and I am running in hi heels!

So I went to the speshulist and let me tell you it wuz not so speshul after all. Mostly we sitted in the car.

That is cause Mummy sed I cannot go in to the wating room cause it is smaller and more bizzy than the wating room at the v-e-t and I am a big jerk to other dawgs. Um yeah Mummy but trust me they deserve it!! Otherwise they will steel my toys I jest knows it.

We are at the speshulist!!

We are at the speshulist!!

After we sitted in the car fer a loooong time then they camed out and getted me and taked sum pitchers of my leg. Hey ladys I know my legs are loverly but reely my face is the cutest part!!
Going home alreddy? Well okay then.

I wuz not skeered. Well okay mebbe a little. Okay mebbe a lot.

I asked the speshulist if I could take out a hit on my evel roommate Star. But aparently he is not that kind of speshulist.
Nyah nyah!

Nyah nyah!


8 Responses

  1. So Dozer what did the specialist say? Can he fix your owwie?

    • Hello my luv Daisy well yes I am gonna go back to the speshulist on a day called Joon Ten and he is gonna make me all betters then. Now I duz not know when that is cause I am a dawg and I does not have a calender. But I am shore it is enny day now!!

      Yer boyfrend Dozer

  2. You could take Stallone, easy. Hope you get good news from the specialist!

  3. Yes – what did he say about your owwie – hope you are doing okay

    Woodrow Sweetie MJ

  4. We get skeered when we have to go to the v.e.t. too. It’s ok Dozer. Did you at least get treats from the specialist?

  5. My mummy says I am the best behaved when I’m at the VET because I’m so scared….I don’t know what she is talking about, I’m not scared, no way, I LOVE going to the VET….hrm…ok….maybe not. Especially when they stick something up me BUM!

  6. Dozer, you are very brave. When I go to the vet, I curl up in a little ball and try to become invisible.

  7. We hope dey find owt wat is rong wif yur leg! Woo surtenlee can’t run wif Sly wen yur leg iz owwee.

    Gus and Waldo

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