I am Speshull

Well today Mummy sez I am gonna go see a speshulist. I reckon that is cause I am so very very speshull!!!

I am not too shore wut a speshulist duz but I will tells you all about it when I get back. I bet it is gonna be lots of fun rite?? Jest as long as I dont have to git out of the car.


Car ride to the speshulist!!


8 Responses

  1. I am thinking about you Dozer! I am thinking that the specialist athat youare seeing is about your owwies that is like my owwie. By the way, you look very handsome with that collar on *blush*

  2. I thanks that a speshulist is jest a fancy werd fer v-e-t. But u r a speshull dawg and I hopez that yer mummy givez u lotz of treets after u see the speshulist.

  3. Good luck, Dozer!

  4. Good luck at the specialist – i bet it is about you owwie – i have several specialists – cause mommy says i have issues.


  5. Good luck Dozer, you’re colar does look great like Daisy said. And make sure you get treats for being a good boy…maybe even a milk bone PB sandwich! ;o)


  6. You are very special Dozer.

  7. Aw…Dozer, we know you’re very special already – we don’t need some expert to tell us that! But I sure hope he has some good news for your owwie…

    Honey the Great Dane

  8. Good luck at the specialist — I hope you get someone as good as Jean Reno!

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