My New(ish) Toy: Skweeky Ball

Well before I hurted my leg I wuz gonna show you this My New Toy: Skweeky Ball!

I cannot play fetch with this toy ennymore until I am all betters. And that is gonna be months sez Mummy. But I will show this toy to you anyways.

My new favoritest toy!

My new favoritest toy!

You are prolly saying hey Dozer wate jest a sekund! That looks like a boring old tennis ball to me!

Well there are two thangs difrent about this ball. First it is bigger then a tennis ball. And sekund it skweeks! Here I will prove it. Over and over and over and over.

Now that I am spending lots of time doing NUTHING AT ALL this toy is still fun cause I can lie down and skweek it over and over until Mummy screams. Yes Mummy now you are feeling my paine too!!! Hahahah!!!

Hi everyone, this is me, Star! Hey I have a surprise for you! I am famous! But the Lady says I must wait until tomorrow to tell you about it. See you later! Love, Star.


16 Responses

  1. Hey Dozer,

    My mummy was playing your video and I came running over cuz I thought she had a squeaky for me! That’s a cruel trick!!

    Yer pal,

    Dozer sez: Hey Sketcher well I heer tricks come with treets so hopefully now you will gets sum treets!!

  2. Dozer, I LURVES squeaky toys too – and the louder the better! You look like you’re having a lotsa fun, and I wish I could squeak with you: I have a football shape toy that I squeak and squeak and squeak until my momster and daddy want to tear out their hair… imagine if we squeaked our two toys at the same time… our parents would go loony!!! Braw ha ha!

  3. Dozer you are really good at making that ball squeek! Dobby has a little squeeky toy that is his favorite, too.

    ❤ S and D

  4. Howdy, Dozer! I heered yer skweeky tennis ball thru the compooter and now I wantz to play, play, play.

  5. Hey Dozer… you are really good at driving your mom nutty with the squeeky ball! I like to do the same thing to my mom too… sometimes I’ll even chase her around the house with my squeeky toys. I learned that if I annoy my mom enough she’ll give me a milkbone in exchange for the squeeky toy. Boy, do I have her trained good or what??

    Your Pal,

  6. Wow Dozer! My mom couldn’t stop gigglin’. Somehow all my squeaker toys don’t squeak so loudly anymore.

    Mmmmm. I’m gonna have to get me another squeaker toy!

    Your Friend Quizz

    P.S. Mom says that a screw driver does wonders if you know what she means. Huh?!?!?!?!?!?!

  7. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay if yoo cant play with the bal like yoo reely want to then it is only fare that yoo shud skweek it until evrywun goze crazy after all yoo hav to amyooz yoreself sumhow!!! ok bye

  8. Patrick has a mini squeakie ball, but he never squeaks it! He just fetches!

  9. We must be related Dozer. Cause we can make our squeeky toys squeeks so much it makes our momma scream too. huh…

  10. Wow – what a cool toy – i lov to making my mommy crazy with squeeky octopus

    hope you feel better soon – do you know when our surgery will be

    Star will have to take good care of you – she can ask sweetie for tips she is a good nurse


  11. I’ll bet your mom just loves the beautiful music you can make with your squeaky ball!

  12. Oh a ball that squeeks! I would like one of those too please!

  13. Dozer,

    I is so sorree that yu hurted yur leg. But maybee’s yu will gets lots more treets and stuffs!!! Get well soon.

  14. Sorry to hear about that leg 😦 Maybe your humans can remove all of the squeakers before you recover 🙂

  15. Dozer, I love tennis balls!! Especially ones that squeek! What a great toy!

    I hope you get a PB Milkbone sandwich soon, I think it’s supposed to be medicine for hurted legs (at least you should tell your mom that), so make sure you get plenty!


    • Dozer, I just had to tell you that I finally played your video at home and Princess came running in from another room. She was so interested in watching you play with your toy she kept tilting head.

      I guess I have to go get her a squeeky tennis ball now that I’ve teased her.

      ~P’s Mom

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