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My Leg Getted Owie

Well uh oh spagettios! I hurted my leg purty bad.

I am walking on my tippy toes!

I am walking on my tippy toes!

So today I goed to the v-e-t. And Mummy sez oh noes Dozer you have a tear in yer leg!

So now I must have sum surjeree to make my leg all betters. And Mummy sez I cannot do flips or play fetch for a very long time. OH NOES!!!

Well as we all know Star likes to think she is a surjen and she is always giving my stuffys surjerees. So when Star heared this news she sed she could gives me a surjeree fer reel cheep. But I am thinking it may not be a good deel.

Ill tell you wut is a good deel--hamburgurs!!!

Ill tell you wut is a good deel--hamburgurs!!!

17 Responses

  1. “Oh noes” is right, Dozer! I am very sad that your leg got a hurty. When will you have your surgery? I am sending purrs to you.

  2. Dozer OMG you are not gonna believe this but Monday I went to the VET too! And I have a torn crutiate ligament in my knee and a bad hip! I am on “bed rest” for 3 weeks until they can re-evaluate, determine if the limp is from the knee or hip, then I might have to have knee surgery too! Maybe we can share a room at the hospital. Your momma should e-mail us so we can discuss the specifics…..

  3. Oh no Dozer!! I’m going to send well wishes and thought to you from Dallas for a good surgery and speedy recovery. I know I would just be so sad if I couldn’t play fetch!

    Are those little burgers for you and your sister?! ~Princess

    P.S. I think your smart, Star might be a good sister, but I don’t think she’d be a good dog surjen!!

    Dozer sez: Yes you are rite those tiny burgers wuz fer me and Star. They wuz made frum deer meets not cow meets so it wuz a new taste fer us!

  4. Howdy, Dozer, I’z so sorrie to heer dat yu hurted yer leg. I hopes dat yu ken play ball agin soon.

    My mummy getted me sum nu foodies thatz made of taters ‘n ducks. Iz nebber eated deer meets. Iz they tasty?

  5. Oh noes! First my friend Daisy, now Dozer!

    You gotta take care of yourself, Mr.! Maybe you’ll get extra hamburger treats while you recover!

  6. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay oh no!!! first daisy hurts her leg, then yoo hert yore leg!!! first daisy mite need surdjery and then yoo mite need surdjery!!! oh my poor wite pit bull frends!!! oh … oh … hey wayt this is kind of suspishus … hmmm … has ennybuddy ever seen dozer and daisy together??? maybe they ar reely the same dog!!! or like boy girl doppelgangers or sumthing!!!! hmmmm no that is a pritty crazy theery i am shoor it is not troo ok bye

    ps hay nobody but star reed this part ok star can yoo luk into this theery for me??? thanks ok bye

    Star says: Hi Dennis! Boy/girl doppelgangers?? Is that like boyfriend and girlfriend?!? Oh NO, this will not stand! You bet I will look into this and get back with you.

  7. Oh no – poor Dozer!!! How did you hurt your leg?? Was it when you were playing fetch? I did that once – I was chasing a ball and turned too quickly and pulled something in my leg, so I couldn’t walk on it and the Vet said I had to “rest” and no more fetch game for weeks! Humph!

    Really hope your leg gets better soon!

    Honey the Great Dane

  8. Oh NO! That’s no fun at all. My hooman friends have had ACL problems and they don’t think it’s fun… Hope you don’t need s-u-r-g-e-r-y!

  9. oh goodness, Dozer! Wat happennd to woo? We hopes woo iz bettur soon. Mayk Star doo all of yur chorrs.

    Gus and Waldo

  10. Poor guy – i had surgery and it isnt too bad – but you do need to take it easy afterwards – you will have to have star take care of you – like Sweetie did for me


  11. Oh No Dozer! I hope your leg gets better soon! Just holding balls isn’t the same as getting balls. I’m sending you good vibes!
    Your friend Quizz

    p.s. Charlie says to do what the V-E-T says!

  12. Dozer, the girls and I hope your surgery goes smoothly and you feel better very soon. Leg owies are no fun!

  13. Don’t worry Dozer… my big brother Taz had to have ACL surgery when he was abour your age. He was only in the v-e-t hospital for one day and he came home with a pretty purple bandage wrapped around his leg. His leg was as good as new after a few weeks!

    Your Pal,

  14. OH Dozer! That stinks! When do you get your surgeries?

  15. Oh Dozer we are so sorry you hurted yer leg. We hopes the surgery is easy and fast and yer up and atom quick.

  16. Aw, Dozer! I hope you feel better buddy 😦

    S and D

  17. Dozer – sorry to hear about your knee – Piede sends his love all the way from North Cackalackee where he is recovering from surgery.

    Take care.

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