Not Gonna Happen

Well it rained yesterday which ment a boring day fer us insides the house. When it rains the only time we go outsides is fer potty time.

Well that is not totally troo cause Star does not go outside even fer potty time.

I always takes advantage of potty time to try and play sum fetch but Mummy never falls fer it.

Here is yesterdays potty time! As you kin see nobuddy getted wut they wanted.


9 Responses

  1. We feels for you Dozer. We cross our collective legs until the very very last minute when it’s raining before we will go potty. Rain = Icky (can I get an amen?)

  2. Dozer, you are like me! Always wanting to play ball! That silly momma of yours! she hould put on her raincoat and play ball. Hey maybe if she put a rain coat on Star she would go out for potty time.

  3. “I can’t go out there! My feet will get wet!”

  4. Star things exactly the same thing as Stella about rainy days. “No waaaaayyyyyy, I’ll get my feet wet!” Cracked me up how you told her to go outside and she looked in every direction outside. Great video.

  5. All these white doggie love the rain and getting dirty – mommy has to walk sweetie in the rain or else she doesnt shut up = i dont do rain


  6. Star iz looking at yer mummy likes shez thanking “Lady youz crazy if you thanks iz goin out dare!”

  7. We can’t believe they wouldn’t go out with you Dozer!

    Tell them that they won’t melt ok!

    Hope you had fun today out in the sun!

    Chasing my tale…
    Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

  8. Dozer, you look HUGE! It doesn’t rain much here, but yesterday when we went out the sprinklers were on. That was interesting for us. Star needs a rain coat!

  9. Dozer I’m kind of like both you and star, I will not get my feet wet just to go potty, but if some one will throw a ball i’m all about it!!

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