Munny Can Buy Luv

Well you is prolly saying wow Dozer ware are you you have not blogged in a wile! Yes I am still here but the problem is that Mummy has sumthang called a projekt wut is doo very soon.

She sez she is too bizzy to help me with blogging and I must wate fer a few more days until she kin finish the projekt and then we kin blog sum more.

Aparently this projekt is bringing Mummy sum munny and this meens I am gonna get sum new toys and sum delishuss treets and stuff like that. So if you are wundering it is totally troo that munny can buy luv espeshully dawg luv hahahah.

Okay so anyways here is a pitcher of me so you will remembers how hansum I am.


You is feeling sleepy... so sleepy... you will gives me a treet...


8 Responses

  1. Dozer, I don’t think we could for get how handsome you are!! But thanks for the reminder anyways, can’t wait to hear about all the luv the money will buy you in future posts!


  2. Hello there!

    You are a really handsome Pit Bull!!:) Pity pit bulls are banned in Singapore!! 🙂

  3. How can she reesist yur fayss?

    Gus and Waldo

  4. Howdy, Dozer! Iz gotz the same trubbles wif my mummy, xcept my mummy is bizzy wif kolledge an she won’t be gettin enny munny wen she finnishes her projeckt.

  5. Hey Dozers, it’s your numbers ones fan!! Number twos toos!!!

    Anyways, money can also buys beds! I’m just sayings that cause I knows you been wanting an appropriates beds for a loooongs times!

    Moneys is also edibles and tasties, though not as tasties as grasses. Just never eats the moneys rights in front of the moms, they gets mads!


  6. hello dozer its dennis the … vizsla ……… dog ……. must … buy … treats … for … dozer …………

  7. Dozer you are really very hansum. How could we forget?

  8. Oh Dozer! You face is so sweet!

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