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My New Collar

Well here wuz a nice suprise fer me! Mummy getted me a brand new collar.

This is a very swanky collar called the Alabama and it is made by Paco Collars.

NO I am not licking my butt! Geeze Mummy wut an embarasing pitcher.

NO I am not licking my butt! Geeze Mummy wut an embarasing pitcher.

The collar makes me glow or mebbe that is jest the humiditee getting to the kamra.

The collar makes me glow or mebbe that is jest the humiditee getting to the kamra.

I thinks this new collar makes me look very manly. I wunder wut Daisy will think about it?

My Mummy likes Paco Collars very much and if you is kyuriuss about it she is gonna say more about it on her blog.

I am jest a little unhappy cause Mummy sed she is getting one fer Star too. It is called the Milan Heart collar. It is not reddy yet cause she jest ordered it and it has to be made speshull jest fer Star jest like this one wuz made speshull jest fer me.

10 Responses

  1. That is a very fancy collar Dozer. We asked our mommy to look at that site and get us one too but she choked to death when she saw the prices. So I guess that’s a no fer me and Meja’s new collars.

    Dozer sez: Hey Bobo and Meja say that is odd my Daddy had the same reakshun when he sawed the prices. However Mummy is aparently very very good at getting wut she wants frum Daddy.

  2. Oh Dozer that collar is so studly! I mean cute! I mean manly! Oh gee, I really like it. I am going to ask mom to buy me a Paco collar too!

  3. Howdy, Dozer! Thatz a purty kool dawg kollar you gotz there. My mummy and daddy checked out a kool new Paco dawg kollar fer me. My mummy likez the George and my daddy likez the Maverick. My daddy likez the Maverick cauze it gotz a spade on it and daddy used to work on a submarine called the Spadefish. Mummy sez that she might getz me the Maverick even tho she likez the George better. Thatz way daddy cant say thatz he nebber getz his way.

  4. Oh Dozer, you look very, very stylish with your brand new collar!

    Celeste suggests you try to fly, but I would discourage such a preposterous notion (you can’t fly being the main reason). But if you want to let Celeste borrow your collar so she can test her flying theory, I’m okay with that.

    Miss Mina

  5. Great collar Dozer!! You are one cool dude!

  6. Dozer, you look so handsome and studly with your new collar!

  7. Oh my goodness, that’s the most handsome collar I have ever seen! Congratulations, Dozer! You look real manly in it! And I see Daisy(dog) is very impressed with you!

  8. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo ar stylin all rite that is a verry handsum koller!!! i wil hav to see if i can get mama to get me a koller like that mine luks boring compayrd to it!!! ok bye

  9. Great collar Dozer! It’s very handsome and manly and all that!

  10. Dozer,

    I tank yu looks very manlee’s with that collar. It’s a good look fer yu!


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