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Where I Sleeps

Well I getted tagged fer a meme by my luverly gurlfrend Daisy and this meme sez I must shows you my bedroom! Of corse fer a dawg jest about enny place kin be a bedroom cause dawgs sleep jest about ennyware even on the floor. But I will shows you Mummy and Daddys bedroom cause that is where we sleeps at nite.


Good gravy wut an awful pitcher and wut a mess!! Mummy sez it is a bad pitcher cause there wuz not enuff lite in the room cause it wuz rainy outsides. And she sez it wuz messy cause she wuz late to a meeting. Yeah rite Mummy wut lame ekcuses!!!

Anyways here is a pitcher of the one thang in the room that Mummy is very very proud of. Aside frum me of corse.


This is not a painting it is aktually a puzzle. Mummy getted it in peeces in a boks when she wuz in a place called Japan. Then when she comed home she putted it together and then Daddy glooed it to cardbord and they getted it framed. It is hard to see in this pitcher but it is acktually kinda purty cause it is shiny golds and silvers and blues.

Okay so thats reel boring wheres my bed???


Ah yes here is my bed. It is on Mummys side of the peeple bed. As you kin see my bed has a big bloo blankie on it wile Stars bed does not. That is cause I was a bit owie fer a while after playing fetch a bit too much when Waylan wuz visiting so Mummy putted down the blankie to make thangs a bit softer fer me.

But it does not solve the reel problem wich is that I NEED A REEL BED MUMMY!!! Not sum lame tiny round pillo with a blankie on top. You are jest putting a bandaid over the simptoms!!!

Well lately Mummy has had sum werk to do that acktually pays her munny and that meens she spends lots of time in the office. So she is sekretly letting me sit on Daddys jiant nest chare wich is in the office.

Mummy calls it a papasan chare.

Mummy calls it a papasan chare.

This chare is a bit danjerus cause if you get too close to the edge it will tip over on you! But it is also a very big chare and I am very comfy in it so I thinks it wuld make a grate bed. But fer sum reeson Daddy does not want me to sit in it.

Mummy sez I look jest like a baby birdie in this jiant nest chare. OK I will play along peep peep feed me sum treets Mummy!

Mummy sez I look jest like a baby birdie in this jiant nest chare. OK I will play along peep peep feed me sum treets Mummy!

Star prefers Daddys office chare. I does not know why she has this creepy stare on her face.

Star prefers Daddys office chare. I does not know why she has this creepy stare on her face. Mebbe she sees a gost?

So that is sum pitchers about my bedroom and also the jiant nest chare. Now I am gonna pass this meme on to sum dawgs wut prolly have intresting bedrooms. I am taking notes fer my Campain fer a Better Bed.

Honey the Great Dane because she is reely big so her bed must be reely big

Mina and Celeste cause there is two of them so they must have two beds which meens two chances to have a big bed

Trooper cause he is also a purty big dawg and he lives in a cold place therefore his bed must be soft and warm rite??

Dobby I know I know you are thinking how can a chiwawa have a big bed? But let me tell you Dobby is big at hart so you never know!


8 Responses

  1. Maybe Star is recovering from the chair twirling? Hahaha! I see your campaign for a better bed is still going. I just gave up and took over my Mom’s bed. She say’s I’m a bed hog and she’ll have to get a bigger bed. A boy’s got to stretch!

    Your friend,

  2. Dozer, your moms does need to get on top of getting you a better bed! I shouldn’t tell you this, but I have three and I get to sleep on the human bed too. But I don’t think my mom bought any of them, they keep getting bought or made by my grandma. Maybe other family can help out?


  3. Howdy, Dozer! An awsum pit bull dawg likes yu is disserving of a big dawg bed. Is yer daddy’s big nest chare a suviner frum his batchelor daze? Meybee that’s whys he dossen’t gives it to u.

  4. Dozer, you’re big and handsome and deserve to sleep on the real bed! Tell your mommy and daddy that they can have the small pillows on the floor!

  5. Hi Dozer! My human just LOVES that ‘nest chair’!! She says she always wanted one but our house is never big enough (and it’s always something she calls “an unecessary luxury” which means she should use her money paper for other things…but one day, she would really like one! I don’t think it would fit me though…I’m sure I would tip it over!

    Thanks for tagging me to play this game…I will post about it soon!

    Honey the Great Dane

  6. Hey Dozer! You’re right, papasan chairs are so comfy and awesome- just don’t sit on the edge!

    I have been neglecting blogs lately, but I promise I will show you all of Dobby’s beds soon.

    ❤ Sharon and Dobby

  7. Hey Dozer, I was wondering if there might be room in the nest chair chair for me too! It looks very cozy. Oh and you better tell your mommy that dogs like you need to sleep on human beds or much better beds than that thing they make you sleep on now! that is out rageous!

  8. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is a verry intresting big rownd chare!!! i am told by trouble the kitty that mama and dada had sutch a chare as wel yeerz and yeerz ago wen it wuz just them and the kitties trouble and pooh bear trouble sez she reely reely reely wishes she cud go bak and sit in that chare agin but i think she is seekretly or not so seekretly telling me she wants me and the other dogs to go away wel its not gonna happen trouble kitty!!! sorry i forgot wot we wer tawking abowt ennyway ok bye

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