How to Stay Cool Wen It Is Hot

Well my pal Dennis is helping me stay cool this summer. He gived me this Fan Award!


As you kin see this Fan is cordless so I kin takes it outsides with me when I want to play ball. It is also very pink wich I feel is apropriate because I am a very white and pink dawg. It is not gurly!!!

Also it reminds me of my luv Daisy the pink pit bull cause it is pink and cool. Fer this reeson I wanted to pass this award to Daisy but Dennis alreddy did that! I also wanted to gives it to Dennis cause it is troo that I am a fan of his blog but Mummy sez I cannot give it rite back.

So I am gonna give it to sum other peeple and dawgs wut have sum darn good blogs!

Okay now if you will ekscoose me I have to go take sum pitchers of my bedroom fer Daisy. I mean fer a meme Daisy sended to me.


5 Responses

  1. Hey, congratulations on your award Dozer! Just remember to keep your nose out of where those fan blades go round and round. Don’t ask me how I know this… you’ll have to trust me on this one.

    Your Pal,

  2. Oh dawg! Congrats to you first but thanks Dozer for being a FAN, you’ve giben me my first official award. I don’t think it’s too gurly for you, It matches your nose so how can it be?!

    Thanks so much, that will sure come in handy this summer in Texas…Have to go figure out how it works now!


  3. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo ar welkum and thanks for wanting to giv the award bak to me yoo ar trooly a jentelman and a skollar!!! i hope the fan helps keep yoo and daisy cool!!! ok bye

  4. Dozer,

    Tank yu fer the FAN AWARD!!! I will propurly eksept it on my blog on Fryday!!

    Yur frend,

  5. *blush*

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