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Mummy Sed the B Word

Well thats rite Mummy sed the awful B word. She sed BATHIES!!!

I reely dont kno why she sed that. I mean its not like Im covered in purple hakberry staines or green grass staines or sumthang.



Hey these could be pitchers of any big white dawg!! Who sez its me??


8 Responses

  1. Run Dozer!! If you run fast enough, maybe you can escape. Don’t fall for it unless you get a big peenut budder treat!

  2. Oooh Dozer – yer mummy gav my mummy a bad puppy dawg idear. Mummy saw yer blog, then she sez Luda, yer new shampoo came yesturdy…let’s see if it werks. I’z an itchy pit bull dawg. Sumtimes I lick so much that my daddy sez I’z a spit bull. So mummy gotz me sum new doggy shampoo that’s suppoz

  3. ed to stop itchy dawgs from itchin. I dossen’t know if it werks, but mummy sez I sure do smell good!

  4. Uh oh! Run for your life!

  5. I fink yu shuld pretends you wants to gos for a walk and then makes a run fer it…oh waits, yu can’t do’s that becawse you likes to stays home. Oh well, I fink yu is gonna have to go thrus with it. Just stands reel still and maybes it won’t lasts long.

    Fer sum reesens, hoomans lyke it whens we smells good!


  6. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot mama gayv trixie a bath this week too and things didnt tern owt wel for me!!! ennyway gud luk with the bathies and oh by the way wot is a hakberry??? ok bye

    Dozer sez: Well I am gonna let Mummy anser this cause I am not an ekspert on berrys. Alls I know is that they are nice to roll around in and they make me stiky and purple. I mean they make sum other white dawg stiky and purple!! Not me. I does not need a bathies.

    Jennifer says: Dennis, thanks for making me look this up! I thought it was a hackberry tree but it turns out the tree is a mulberry tree! Not that that makes it any less messy. The chickens and dogs both eat the berries, as do squirrels and wild birds. And the berries on the ground attract TONS of flies. 😦

  7. Wee agrreee wif woo, Dozer. Dat duzint look like woo at all. Mebbee yur mommee haz woo comfoozed wif sumwun else.

    Gus and Waldo

  8. Are you sure you aren’t part frog? I see your green feet. That is soooo cool!

    Your friend,

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