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A Speshull Gest

Well today wuz a bit eksiting cause we had a speshull gest at my howse. It wuz a yellow lab baby dawg named Waylan.

To be honest I wuz not eksited about Waylan. I wuz eksited fer two other reesuns. One wuz that Star LUVED Waylan a lot so that ment I had a little peece and kwiet. Two wuz that since Waylan wuz hyperaktive Mummy let us all be outsides and it wuz a nice day AND Mummy and Daddy both played ball with me and letted me play in the hose. This is why I likes having gests over sumtimes.

This is Waylan.

This is Waylan.

Waylan wuz at our howse cause our howse is having sum construkshun done on it and the peoples wut are doing the construkshun bringed Waylan with them. Well Mummy sawed Waylan sleeping inside their car and she sed it wuz too hot fer dawgs to be in cars. So she insisted that Waylan spend the day with us. Gee thanks Mummy.

Mummy sez in case you are not shore when it will be too hot fer a dawg in a car that if it is 84 degrees outsides or more then that is too hot even if your car is in the shade and the windows are open. So that tells you how hot it wuz today at my howse! Acktually it wuz much hotter cause Waylan came out of the car before Mummy even eated her lunch.

Mummy tolled me to stop being a jerk. Hey Mummy I dont see you protekting this mud hole!!

Mummy tolled me to stop being a jerk. Hey Mummy I dont see you protekting this mud hole!!

Mummy also tolled me to get out of the mud hole.

Mummy also tolled me to get out of the mud hole.

Star and Waylan hit it off rite aways. They both has a similar fyting style by putting their paws in their faces and stomping on each others. Also they are both reely bad at playing fetch wich sooted me jest fine.

After a lot of playing everybuddy finally calmed downs.


Star and Waylan wuz cooling off in the bestest spot so I wuz forced to join them.

Yeah ok jest dont get too close to my preshuss Kong ball!

Yeah ok jest dont get too close to my preshuss Kong ball!

12 Responses

  1. I knows how you feel about foreigners in yer yard. Meja likes them but I Do Not! But since he’s a puppy I guess he can’t do much harm.


  2. Hey Dozer! It’s looks like the three of you had a great time playing together! I loved watching the video and I am very jealous of your great big backyard! We are having a heatwave at my house too… it is 70 degrees outside! All of my precious snow has melted away… boo hoo!

    Your Pal,

  3. Hi, Dozer – it’s Luda. I am an adorabull pit bull dawg and I lives in Elgin, Illinois with my people. I used to have a Golden Retriever brother, but he went to heavun in January. I wonders if he knows Fel? I was telling my little boy that you had a visiter todays and that you wasn’t happy about it cause you don’t likes other dawgs. I dossen’t likes other dawgs either, especially dawgs that dossen’t belongs to me. My little boy says that we might likes each other since we has not liking other dawgs in common.

    Dozer sez: Hey Luda you are rite we have lots of thangs in common!! Does you have a blog like me too? If you does then pleeze tell me where I kin find it so I can come visit you okay thanks!

  4. I am so glad that Waylan got to spend a fun day with you and Star instead of being stuck in that hot car!

  5. yays Dozer & Star u getted a play date!!! Waylan’s peeple were working at a goods howse cuz ur mommee lykes dawgs and he getted to come in yurs yard!! yippee!!


  6. Hey Dozer, maybe Star will fall in love with Waylan and leave you alone! It was hot at my house too. yesterday it was 100 and mom said it was too hot for walkies, today its just as hot so I prolly won’t get a walkies today either. But we got a nice game of kong ball in the back yard!

  7. Wow Dozer, I looks like you and Star made a new friend and had a lot of fun. AND you have a mud hole. Mom won’t let me play in a mud hole. sigh

    Can you send some sun to Richmond? We are getting nothing but rain! I don’t like the rain! I want to bake in the sun.

    Your Friend,
    PS send the sun our way

  8. Hi, Dozer-

    My mummy & me is new to this bloggy thang. Funny thang, my mummy isn’t escared of pit bull dawgs, but me thanks she is escared of compooters. I tells my mummy an awesum pit bull dawg likes me needs hiz own blog, and she sez o.k. Luda, and she getz me a blog at ludasblog.wordpress.com. Mummy is trixy tho, cause she sez she dossen’t has time to figures out this bloggy thang until she finishes her spring classes at skool on May 13th. So mabee sumday I will have an awesum blog like yurs, but rights now I’s gots to wait for mummy.

    Dozer sez: Well dont worry Luda being skeered of compooters happens to the bestest of us. You jest let me know when yer Mummy gets yer blog going okay??

  9. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow it luks like star and waylan wer having a gud time and i am shoor that yoo wer only pretending to hav a gud time wile sekretly plotting how to keep them away frum yore kong ball so its a gud time all arownd rite??? ok bye

  10. Hi Dozer –

    Sorry, haven’t had a chance to visit for a while and wow! So much to catch up on!

    Your human is really good and kind to let Waylan come and stay with you – my human is always seeing dogs left in cars (without even a window open!) and she gets so mad!

    He seems like a really sweet puppy and it’s great that Star and him get on, so you can get some peace! 🙂

    Honey the Great Dane

  11. Hey Waylan is looking like my dog (Sam) exactly 🙂

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